Performers wanted: Science Showoff Bristol – 23rd Nov

It’s the time of year when we celebrate rebels and iconoclasts – and so why not bring that spirit to science cabaret? On the balance of probability, you are unlikely to be burnt!

On Wednesday November 23rd, we are looking for performers to talk, dance, sing, demonstrate or generally make an exhibition of themselves about any aspect of any science. No experience necessary, first-timers and new ideas welcome: just put together 9 minutes of material for us. Signup here.

We have an incredibly supportive audience of around 50-100 paying punters, a science comedian compere, and all the money we raise goes to local small charities for whom the money makes a big difference.

You can see examples of previous acts on our Youtube channel, but just because you don’t see anything like your work there doesn’t mean it’s not welcome! We aspire to have a variety of performance and styles, and when we say anyone is welcome, we mean it. You’re welcome to discuss your ideas with us if you’d like: drop us a mail, or bug us on twitter.

Previously we have welcomed theatre about periods, rap about travelling to Proxima Centauri, dance expressing the formation of the first cells, and good old role-play as a hydrogen fuel cell. If you are: a science student or teacher, an actor or film maker, a band, a mime troupe, a circus performer or even a scientist with something to communicate about science, go for it.

Signup here: and we’ll be in touch to tell you more about it. Laptop, microphone, and projector provided.

See you there!

Scarier Than Fiction – 1st November, The Harrison, Kings Cross

From the same team that brings you chaotic science comedy cabaret Science Showoff, we present an evening of unexpectedly scary* science for Halloween.

*scary how funny this will be of course


This gig – the first of three taking place at The Harrison – will feature the following ghouls from the alternate dimensions of science and comedy who will be sharing what they find spooky and bizarre in science.

MCd by the razor sharp wit of Cerys Bradley, a PhD student studying privacy and security, unsuprisingly, her material for this show has pretty much written itself…

Aimee Eckert – What’s so scary about a tiny fruit fly? Surely nothing? There’s no way a fruitfly could haunt your nightmares, that is until Aimee shows you how to create Halloween themed mutants.

Matthew Partridge – A short talk on the discovery in the mid-1800s of total internal reflectance and then the subsequent harnessing of it in glass optical fibers by Charles Vernon Boy. Dr Matthew Partridge has a PhD in fiber optic chemical sensing, and works as a Research Fellow in the centre of Engineering Photonics at Cranfield University.

Anna Plozajski – You would think that understanding how things work would make you less scared of stuff, more in control. But since becoming a materials scientist and learning about the inner workings of everyday objects, Anna has become terrified of inert, inconspicuous, inanimate things. So fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to pick up phobias you never even knew existed.

Florence Schechter
Sadie Harrison
Ali Mozaffari
Tayyibah Ali
and Robin Andrews

Venue: The Harrison, 28 Harrison St, London WC1H 8JF

Tickets: £5, all proceeds to Anxiety UK. Ticket link coming soon!

We’ll be back in The Harrison on 22nd November and 6th December.

ENGINEERING SHOWOFF – Manchester, October 26th



Science Showoff is teaming up with the Royal Academy of Engineers to help make engineers funny and give them a chance to share their work with new audiences in a humourous way. Engineering Showoff is here!

Join us in Manchester for the first gig of our tour, and meet eight amazing local engineers with hilarious stories to share. We’re part of the Manchester Science Festival and the gig’s on the evening of Weds October 26th at Pub/Zoo.

Engineer Anna Ploszajski at Geek Showoff

Engineer Anna Ploszajski at Geek Showoff

Tonight you’ll meet these amazing and hilarious folk:

Steve Cross – comedian and founder of Science Showoff. Obsessed with concrete, rebar and breaking things.

Matt Dickinson – Associate Lecturer in Computer Aided Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire

Alison Benn – Mechanical Engineer for Astra Zeneca

Ray O’Hanlon – IT and Network Engineer (and Solutions Architect) for Cisco

Jane MacGruer – Process Improvement Manager for Galaxy Optical.  A lean, mean, standard operating procedure producing machine.  If you’ve got a process, I’ll map it, document it, analyse it, and look for efficiency savings.

Nick McCloud -Electronics and Software engineer

Matthew RoyLecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments, University of Manchester.

Mairi Olivier – Design Engineer.

Tickets are available for £5 in advance from All ticket money will be given to Manchester Science Festival to help fund their outreach to Manchester’s science fans.

MC Steve Cross and a science expert

MC Steve Cross and a science expert


Engineering Showoff is funded by an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Want to know any more? EMAIL engineer AT to find out more or get involved in performing at another of our gigs.

MY NAKED MOLE RAT LIFE – 2nd November, Star of Kings


Following a completely sold out performance at Somerset House with “What Humans Can Learn From Naked Mole Rats” (part of the Utopia Season), naked mole rat lover Steve Cross and friends come to the Star of Kings for a night celebrating the best animal in the world.


Tonight you’ll meet some of the UK’s biggest naked mole rat experts and obsessives, with their amazing stories of letting sabre-toothed sausages into their lives. Expect cancer-dodging science, sweet potato recipes, and more.

The performers are:

Steve Cross – The comedian whose naked mole rat obession has taken him across Europe to meet loads of identical colonies of these basically identical personality-less animals.

Chris Faulkes – the daddy of naked mole rat breeding and science in the UK.

Sarah Cox – Sarah is a self-styled press officer for naked mole rats and has talked many an unsuspecting journalist into publicising the GREATEST ANIMAL EVER. She owns a hand-painted naked mole rat pillow.

Kelly-Anne Kelleher – Naked mole rat zookeeper and the person who brought popcorn into the naked mole rat world.

Charlotte Mykura – molecular biologist and naked mole rat fanatic.


Prof Karmadillo – Singer of science with a strong song about the sabre-toother sausage.

Steve Le Comber – Queen Mary, University of London’s top mathematician and modeller explores how naked mole rats can help us medically treat the results of human violence better.

Tickets for this gig are available from for £6 in advance or £8 on the door. All ticket money will be given to Macmillan Cancer Support. Doors open 7pm, gig starts 7.30.

The gig is in the basement of the Star of Kings, on York Way in London.

Dr Jiggs Bowson’s Charming Science Friends – BRIGHTON, 26th Nov

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER a new night of science, cabaret, music and fun featuring the cream of Brighton talent, a couple of shipped-in celebs and all curated and MCed by science, hoedown and lipsyncing star Dr Jiggs Bowson. She’s exactly like the west end of Brighton; peerless. Prepare to leave with your tiny hearts broken by her whimsy and wickedness!


DJBCSF is a brand new event designed to represent the city it lives in, blending vintage chic, end-of-the-pier bawdiness and high camp but with one eye on the world-leading science and technology research happening in and around Brighton.

For our first ever gig we bring you these incredible acts:

Katie Ptasińska – Scientist by day and comedian by night, Katie is Poland’s answer to Tina Fey & she is on a personal mission to improve public perceptions of her experimental organism – yeast.

Dr Kayleigh Wardell – Prepare for the silliest and most hilarious explanation of human fertilisation you will ever see by genetics researcher and science communicator Kayleigh.

Oliver Assetts – Drag King Oliver Assets is the master of a million miserable faces. #ReluctantlySexy, his deadpan performance guarantees there won’t be a single dry seat in the house.


Alex Lathbridge – Cancer researcher Alex brings you Rapstract: All science communication will eventually hit a hip-hop singularity. Come and find out why.



Sam Lake – 2016’s South Coast Comedian of the Year (he’s banned from all other coasts), one-time Countdown contestant and Computer Science graduate (that counts as science, right?) Sam will bring you some gloriously geeky stand-up.

Dr Suzanne Harvey – Suzanne is a Biological Anthropologist interested in primate communication and social behaviour. An aspiring Dr Doolittle, she will be translating gibbon song into English in a bid to answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: Are gibbons really as monogamous as we’re led to believe?

Professor Kaos – Science magician and theatrical producer Prof. Kaos is a master of performing incredible science demonstrations all over the UK. This act is sure to be electrifying!

Professor (actually a professor) Sophie Scott – neuroscientist, brain wrangler and full on sexy science celebrity.
Steve Cross – The End-Of-Level boss of science comedy. A lover, not a fighter. The clever one from the unrivalled Masterpiece Bookshelf podcast. A world leader in naked mole rat fandom. Your secret crush.



Tickets are £7 (plus 70p booking fee) in advance or £10 on the door (but let’s be honest they’ll probably sell out in advance), from

DJBCSF is a partnership with Science Showoff and is financially supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Science Showoff – November 3rd – A Goldsmiths Special

Brexit, Bowie… Trump? On Thursday 3rd November we head south of the river to New Cross for a Showoff special loosely themed on the strange, dark, time the world’s had in 2016.

GET TICKETS (£5.60 if you’re a Goldsmiths student, £6.60 for everyone else)


Join us at the Amersham Arms on 3 November to drown your sorrows with abandon, just days before the most powerful nation on earth shows us how broken democracy really is.

Featuring the algorithms of online dating, hidden satanic messages, cats and class war. Expect laughs, facts that sound totally made up but aren’t, and loads of terrible PowerPoints.

Joining Steve in the the line-up:

Chris French (Psychology) on hidden satanic messages – find out if you can hear them

Kate Devlin (Computing) on the algorithms of online dating: a scientific and a personal perspective

Sylvia Pan (Computing) – What can virtual humans do for us?

John Price (History) – No Hard Felines: Class War… with cats

Dee Harding (Computing) – Tired of Experts

Rob Cenci (Media & Communications) on the Call of Insecurity – the first-person shooter

Dominique Santos (Anthropology) on the Anthropology of NOT climbing trees

Sarah Wiseman (Computing) on the weird and wonderful world of the Quantified Self

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to The Running Charity.


Science Showoff – October 27th – Star of Kings

After a brief diversion to the outer edges of the world (okay, Bristol and Woking), Science Showoff returns to the Star of Kings basement, London, on Thursday 27 October.


Joining your compere Steve Cross for a night of extremely random educational hilarity are:

David Christensen – David usually uses stem cells to study diseases that cause blindness, but this time he’ll be using them to try and tell jokes.

David Mills asks how much we really know about slugs and snails. Do they come when you call them? Can they find their way home? Can you make them poo rainbows? Will they ever be any use for electronics manufacturers?

Rachel Wheeley – Rachel is a comedian and mum of three who’s seriously considering a short holiday to Mars. Where are we with the Mars mission? How can we get involved and why might we need to study black bears to get there?

Haran X – Haran X is a geeky, science-based comedian who regularly employs graphs, diagrams and jokes with the punchline “Non-Euclidean, projective geometry”. His humour has been described as “so high-brow, you may need an extension to your forehead”. He’s performed on BBC Radio 4Extra.

Chella Quint with some bloody funny period comedy, breaking down menstruation education taboos using craftivsm, adbusting and interpretive dance.

Stefan Siwiak-Jaszek and Ben Smith are studying PhDs in Physics and Maths, meeting and bonding through their mutual love for loud metallic instruments and hip-hop. During a rehearsal they discovered they could make really gross sounds with their instruments, and now they want to share them with you all. Don’t worry, there will be no science rap.

Samantha Baines – Samantha is a multiple-award-winning comedian and actor who regularly sells out every seat for her new show ‘1 WOMAN, A DWARF PLANET AND 2 COX’.

Plus more from Sarah Jones

Get tickets here for £6 plus 60p booking, or on the door – unless we sell out – for £8