Books Showoff Halloween Special – Weds 25 October – Waterstones TCR



Featuring gothic horror and futuristic fantasy, scary kids tales, and books made from human flesh – on October 25th Books Showoff has a Halloween theme!

Joining guest host, comedian and podcaster Gregory Akerman in the basement of Waterstones Tottenham Court Road (it’s a nice basement, with bright lights and booze, not a spooky one, promise) are:
Ben Dornan is going to talk about anthropodermic bibliopegy – the practice of binding books in human skin – and try to make it funny. He has, at best, middling knowledge of book binding, biology, medical ethics and comedy
Romany Reagan is a final-year PhD candidate, playwright, taphophile, and cemetery historian. She’ll present Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book – proof that she is daily entrenching further into a caricature of herself
Scientist Oz Ismail recalls some surprisingly terrifying literature from his childhood
Amanda DiGioia – PhD student, werewolf expert, heavy metal fan, and author of Childbirth and Parenting in Horror Texts: The Marginalized and the Monstrous, Amanda explains the horrors of writing
Cerys Bradley is a PhD student, stand-up comedian and absolute wuss. Possibly the last person you would book to do a Halloween show

Quantum physicist and comedian Michael Conterio takes a break from his usual diet of spaceships and wizards, and discovers how horrifying modern fiction can be

Combining lessons from The Handbook for the Recently Deceased and the lesser known The Living and the Dead: Harmonious Lifestyles and Peaceful Co-existence, mortician Lara-Rose Iredale will step out of her dark room and reveal what the living won’t (or is that can’t?) usually see.

Tickets are £7 from the Waterstones website


Science Showoff – Tues 17th October – Star of Kings, London



Joining Steve Cross on the Star of Kings stage for the second Science Showoff in our crazy schedule of October Showoffs:

Alina Padararu on the immune system – what they don’t want you to know

Russell Arnott is a researcher in phytoplankton dynamics at the University of Bath and presenter for Incredible Oceans. Departing from his usual marine themes, at Science Showoff he is going to moan about how difficult it is to be a scientist when you’re colourblind

Inés Laura Dawson is a PhD student at the University of Oxford researching insect flight. She runs two YouTube channels, Draw Curiosity and Inés-table, making science stories interesting and internationally accessible

Claire Asher is a science writer, performer, and blogger with a PhD in giant ants. Expect crazy evolutionary theories, anecdotes from fieldwork in Brazil, and graphic descriptions of insect reproductive behaviour

Corina Kwami is devoted to making cities more desirable places to live. From designing water systems that serve all to getting jazz musicians connected with opportunities, her work aims to ignore the gap between sciences and the arts.

Plus more from Monni Bohm, Faraz Alam and Anna Cupani.

Tickets are £6.60 in advance or £8 cash on the door. 7pm for a 7.30 start.

All proceeds go to charity. Book now!

Science Showoff – Weds 4th October – Star of Kings, London



Joining Steve Cross on the Star of Kings stage for the first of our October gigs:

Lydia Nicholas is an anthropologist working at the meeting points of health, data, culture and biology. Things get weird down there. She really isn’t sure who she is any more. Lydia will be talking squishy bodies, and how they screw with your politics

Dave Christensen is a stem cell biologist studying blindness. He also likes pretending he’s a detective to make lab work less dull

Fran Day explains the vital importance of units – how we measure things, from the ancient Greeks to modern theoretical physics

Shalaka Kurup is a postgraduate student by day – wine enthusiast by night. Shalaka will be here for nine whole questionably-entertaining minutes to talk to you about the seductive world of academic research

Plus more from Davina Bentley, Tayibbah Ali and Stanley Strawbridge.

TICKETS ON SALE NOW – £6.60 in advance or £8 cash on the door

All proceeds go to charity.

Books Showoff – Weds 27th September – Waterstones TCR


(Image: A pretty typical scene from Books Showoff)

After a nice summer break spent reading about 1% of the books we’ve bought after too many Old Fashioneds at Books Showoff this year, the first and best London comedy cabaret by and for lovers of literature returns on Wednesday 27th September.


Joining your host Steve Cross in the beautiful Waterstones Tottenham Court Road cocktail bar basement:

Mirri Hengeveld discusses a controversial Victorian sex education manual and its even more controversial appendix

Renae Crossing, who may or may not be talking about Little Miss Fickle

Ed Jefferson introduces us to The Complete Literary Works of Mr Blobby

Jason Webber, from the web archiving department at The British Library, explains how books have impacted (for better or worse) the historical UK web. What is the most quoted Shakespeare Line? Who is more popular, Frankenstein or Dracula? Has E.L. James increased the amount of S&M talk?

Lauren Holmes on ‘Historias de España’, and how reading can not only open up new worlds but also new skills, such as learning a new language. It can be hard, often embarrassing, and unless you are bilingual you’ll almost never be become fluent… but it is fun, rewarding, and infinitely useful!

Plus more from Anna Ploszajski, Angus Dunican and Alina Paduraru.

Line-up subject to change.

Tickets on sale from the Waterstones website – £7

Can’t make September’s Books Showoff? We’ll be back at Waterstones on 25th October and 23rd November 2017.

Science Showoff Talent Factory II launch gigs – September, Star of Kings, London


Over two gigs this September we are VERY excited to introduce you to this year’s Talent Factory line-up – the UK’s next generation of funniest, smartest, scientists, science communicators, creators, producers, performers and generally awesome sciencey humans.

Join us in the basement of the Star of Kings, King’s Cross, for a chaotic cabaret starring:


Talent Factory Science Showoff show 1 – Wednesday 6th September


Sarah Jones, Matt Hutchinson, Julia Bourke, Katie Cresswell-Maynard, Antonia Forster, Claire Asher, Rachel Wheeley and Jamie Upton


Talent Factory Science Showoff show 2 – Friday 29th September


Cassie Hugill, Oz Ismail, Matt Young, Catie Williams, Hannah Thompson, Hana Ayoob, Lucy Eckersley, Belle Taylor and Hannah Cameron


Food Showoff – Tuesday 15 August – Star of Kings, London


Join Steve Cross and eight amazing comedians, cooks and eaters for a night about the funny side of food.

All ticket money will go to Shelter from The Storm, a local homeless shelter.

The line-up includes:

Aspen Glencross – farmer and food futurist
Alex Lathbridge – rapper and expert consumer
Sarah Jones – related to hill sheep farmers probably
Tim Eveleigh – musician and gourmet
Rob Warren – Veggie Lad
Jess Devonport – takes photos of her food
Julie Aelbrecht – comedian and food fan
Mary-Ann Russon – writer and food historian

Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30 start at the Star of Kings, 126 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1


Join and share the Facebook event page

Science Showoff/Agony Auncles Fringe preview + fundraiser, Star of Kings, London – Weds 19 July

Dear Agony Auncles,

I have a whole range of issues to deal with, from personal relationships to work and politics, and from practical household chores all the way to angst about the meaning of life. Is there any way I can get truly scientific (if somewhat inadvisably applied) advice from actual real scientists? Can I ask them questions of my own, live on stage?

Yours Hopefully



A brilliant group of scientists and science communicators are raising funds to hit the Edinburgh Fringe this year with a show where they answer audience-submitted agony auncle-style questions using proper expert science knowledge and some very silly comedy.

To help them get there they’re performing a London preview to showoff not just their show but some excellent science comedy from other amazing acts (names to come!) to boot.

Ticket sales, and any donations on the night, will be put towards travel and accomodation at the Fringe.

Join us at the Star of Kings (near Kings Cross, London) on Weds 19 July. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Ps. Can’t make it? UGH :[ But if you like the sound of this project, we’d love it if you contributed via Indiegogo