Lineup announced for gig number ONE! October 4th

An open mic night for scientists, science communicators, science teachers, historians and philosophers of science, students, science popularisers and anyone else with something to show off about science.

It’s our first gig on Tuesday October 4th at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RL, and the brave performers taking to the stage will be:

Steve Cross – Compere and ringmaster

Andy Holding – “Dr Andy will show that, despite a lack of pretty pictures, mass spectrometry really can provide interesting answers where X-ray crystallography can’t.  And don’t worry – he’ll also explain what all those complicated words means.”

Clare Elwell – “How can lighting up babies’ brains help us win more Olympic medals in 2012?”

Matt Wall – “I will be presenting an illustrated talk titled ‘NeuroBollocks’, covering some of the stupidest ways in which MRI scanners (and sometimes participants) have been abused in the name of science. May contain nuts, fruit, bloody great magnets and explicit pictures of people’s insides.”

Tony Plant – “A science geek’s view of the world revealing how to lose not just your car keys but the entire universe (almost), zoo-based astronomy, evolution vs. intelligent design and why science fame is a name game.”

Martin Austwick – “Dr Martin Austwick is a musician who writes about the world of science and discovery, and earlier this year released an album in a petri dish with sleeve notes in the form of a scientific article. This took the Musical Science Petri Dish world by storm, selling literally several copies.”

Charlotte Stoddart – “To mark the end of NASA’s 30-year space shuttle programme, Nature produced a short film showing all 135 shuttle missions in chronological order.  Nature Video editor Charlotte Stoddart joins us for a special screening, and to tell us about sorting through hours of archive footage and working with British band 65daysofstatic to make the film.”

Henry French – “I’ll be introducing the audience to the science of the zebrafish, by showing off a fascinating BHF video made in support of our Mending Broken Hearts campaign.”

Sarah Castor-Perry – “I’ll be getting my hands dirty with dough and talking about the science behind bread – why kneading is so important and how to get the perfect crust. I will try not to make a mess…”

Jane Setter – “Ever wondered where to place your nucleus, or how to tell your FLEECE from your GOOSE? So have some of our students! Phonetician Jane with linguist Tim Wharton on guitar will have you all singing about phonetics, the scientific study of speech”

Chiara Ambrosio and Brendan Clarke – This double-act comprising a composed Englishman and a VERY loud Italian woman will be presenting Sir Charles Bell’s beautiful anatomical watercolours, currently kept by the UCL Art Collections, and dropping in some some history of anatomical representations.

Doors are at 7pm, show starts 7.30. There will be an intermission and we’ll finish at 10, so that everyone has an audience to share tips and tricks and chat to the acts over a pint.

Free entry.

We will be collecting donations for Holborn Community Association, and would suggest a donation of about £5 from performers and audience members alike. You can find out about their work supporting local communities here:


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