Last night’s gig


Just wow.

Great night last night. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came along, whether they were on stage showing off or in the audience being wowed.

Highlights for me included Fran Scott dragging her old line manager onto the stage to cover him in eggs and slime, Jane Setter earworming everyone with songs about phonetics (WHY DID I WAKE UP WITH THE LOCOMOTION IN MY HEAD??!?!) and of course Charlotte Stoddart condensing the history of the space shuttle into 8 minutes.

This isn’t to say that the other performers weren’t brilliant. Of course, they were!

The pub was full. Totally full. So full that the energy was amazing. And heat is a form of energy.

We also raised £226.38 for our chosen local charity, The Holborn Community Association. Still time to donate to them online if you had fun but no change on you at

See you for the next one, same time same place on November 1st. And watch out for the open signup sheet if you want to perform. It’ll appear tomorrow.

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