Signup for Science Showoff Two: November 1st

That all went surprisingly well, didn’t it?

So now it’s time to find those showoffs who want to give our second gig a try. Do you dare follow in the footsteps of those pioneers who made October 4th such a red letter day?

Here’s how it works. Go to . Grab yourself 10 minutes to show off absolutely anything about science. Got a demo, sketch, song, video, talk, performance, dance or anything else about science that you’d like to try out in public, or show to a new audience? Bring it to Science Showoff.

The gig is at 7pm (doors) at the Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell on November 1st. If it’s anything like the first one, it’ll be full of people.

The gig costs nothing to attend. No-one who performs is paid. In fact, no-one gets paid at all. We will be collecting for charity. A nice local charity who need the money. But you don’t have to give anything if you don’t want to.

Please do leave a comment if you grab a slot to perform, so that we can see what you’re going to do. And please – make it about science in some way!


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