Science Showoff 2: Nov 1st. LINEUP ANNOUNCED


We know now who the brave communicators of science at our next gig will be! You can see them at 7.30pm (doors 7pm) on November 1st, at the Wilmington Arms (put EC1R 4RL into your GPS) in London.

The gig is free entry, but we will be collecting money for the charity Fitzrovia Youth in Action, which is a community based youth action project situated on Warren Street. By incorporating youth work, media and sports to engage young people, they support them in developing projects which benefit both local and wider communities. These projects also help to improve relationships between people from different ethnic and age groups throughout the London Borough of Camden. Web:

We suggest a donation of £5, but what you give is up to you.
The gig will be compered by Steve Cross, who last week regaled us with tales of internet dating, getting IDed shopping for high-class booze and buying new glasses. Who knows what he’ll go on about this time as he introduces:
Andrew Pontzen – “Each month, Andrew receives a number of emails telling him that his work — and astrophysics in general — is all wrong (factually and morally). He’ll be sharing some highlights… in song form.”
Adam Strang – “I will reveal why chillies give that awesome burning feeling when we eat them.  I’ll also show how we measure the degrees of burniness in different chillies and demonstrate the effects of super-hot chillies on the human body.”
James Thomas – “Sting! No Tantric sex, no po faced navel gazing, just a set dripping with Hymenopteran goodness were we discover how beautiful a sting can ‘bee’ and how insane one man can become in the name of science.”

Conrad Lichtenstein – “Genetics analysis of Muggles, witches and wizards reveal potential for magical designer babies”: a rapid tour through Mendelian genetics, population genetics, developmental biology, gene therapy, biotechnology and business showing scientific reasoning following upon one, albeit fictitious, observation that witches and wizards can be born of Muggle parents”

Suze Kundu – “I’ll be talking about the four states of matter, telling you how to make your own plasma in the (ozone-filled dis)comfort of your own kitchen, and demonstrating how gaining or losing energy can transform a material between the three remaining states of solid, liquid and gas. Ice cream will be made on the spot using liquid nitrogen, with samples available for brave audience members to try.”

Lizzie Crouch – “The origins of Lacrosse lie in the tribal ball games of Native Americans who used it to prepare for war and settle tribal disputes. It was thought that those who we good at the sport possessed supernatural powers, but in my set I will show you the science behind skills, and try to persuade you that Lacrosse is the scientist’s sport!”

Ben Still – “I will be talking about faster than light neutrinos – why I am sceptical but why I would love it to be proven correct.”

Oliver Broadbent – “’I will be taking the audience back in time to the world of Victorian science communication with a recreation of a public demonstration of the largest bridge in the world – then on the drawing board – would stand up. Volunteers, standby!’”

Catherine Cox – “I shall be talking about the human circadian clock, and coordinating our internal timing mechanisms with the modern 24/7 society.”

Becky Lawson – “Neuroscientist Becky Lawson will be demonstrating some of the ways in which our eyes tell us lies (and indulging her love of the ukulele in the process)”

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