Science Showoff 6 (and the city) – lineup announced for March 6th

After two Science Showoffs in February, neatly sandwiching Valentine’s Day with slabs of massive geekiness in London and Brighton, we’re back in the capital! This month we’ll be collecting for the Copenhagen Youth Project ( who work with young people in North London and especially around Copenhagen Road, so please donate generously and lots. A fiver each from each of you would be perfect.

Tonight the parts of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha will be played by:

Louise Crane “In a tenuous link-up of the arts and science, I will take you on a tour of the dancer’s body, followed by a short tap routine I choreographed that highlights the contrast between cheesy Charleston and the sultry moves of Fosse’s Chicago.”

Luke Westbury: “I will be giving a brief review of Sam Kean’s amazing book, ‘The Disappearing Spoon’.  Sharing some anecdotes of interest and explaining how one book changed my entire opinion of the periodic table.”

Sonia Tester: “I’ll be discussing the science behind boxing, with plenty of practical demonstration but hoping to avoid a Chisora Haye style pub brawl!!”

Lewis Dean: “Are orang-utans really sceptical of changes in their cages, do monkeys stand for honesty and are all zookeepers fond of rum? I’ll be giving you an insight into the remarkable intelligence of animals (and some not so intelligent goings-on as well).”

Andrew Pontzen: “I’ll be looking at the very limits of the known universe. And singing about them too.”

Kimberley Bryon: “The human brain is capable of doing many extraordinary things made possible by vast networks of neurons talking to each other. I am going to show you that looking at the way tiny worms wiggle can help us understand how neurons talk.”

Caspar Addyman: “I’m a psychologist with a scientific approach to alcohol.  I will be demoing the Boozerlyzer, an Android app I wrote to track the cognitive and emotional effects of drinking.

Jay Stone: “I am a geek. You are coming to science showoff so you are probably a geek too (no offense). Being “obviously academic” is great but sometimes you need to be able to tone it down and blend in. I am going to share my top-tips for disguising your outer geek in order to fool the masses.”

Sophie Scott: “I’ll be talking about how humans speak, and illustrating this with balloons and balls”.

Lindsey Keith: “I am a film producer and I will present a series of video clips in a piece called “The Perils of Producing Science”.”

And on top of all of this, Steve Cross will be taking his usual strange stance on the scientific issues of the day, compering, and hoping for the best.

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