Science Showoff 7 (th Heaven) – line-up announced for April 3rd

It is almost the end of March, which means two things. A new month is almost upon us, and with that comes another night of science-based entertainment! Science Showoff 7 will be hitting the Wilmington Arms on 3rd April 2012 at 7pm. Come along, grab a pint, and be astounded by some incredibly brave performers sharing their love of science with you.The rules are the same as always. Each performer has nine minutes to amaze you about an aspect of science in any way, shape or form that they like, be this through the medium of song, dance, talk or demonstration. In return, all we ask of you is to have a great time, and contribute to our charity collection. We recommend a donation of £5 per person however, the higher the donation, the more applause you will receive as you walk in.This month we will be collecting money for the Islington Arts Factory who provide opportunities for dance and arts to Islington residents at low prices, helping to make sure that you don’t have to be posh to pas de deux. Follow their brilliant work on Twitter @IAFholloway

This evening, you will be getting ex-sci-ted (*groan*) about the following performers:

Stuart Noah – “I’ll provide a musical tour of sexual selection. First, a love song inspired by the many varied mating habits of different animal taxa; second, a song that explores the human mating game, focussing on the concept that attractiveness is relative.”

Mark Lewney – “A Queen-based Tribute to Various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics”, for guitar, voice and Powerpoint pedal. You have never heard a Queen song this nerdy since they dropped Brian May’s “Ode to Zodiacal Dust Clouds” from the first album.” @DoctorLewney

Laura Youngson – “How can you get excited about science when you have no resources? The Lightyear Foundation take their own special brand of do-it-yourself science to developing countries, showing kids and teachers how to do experiments using only the things they find around them. Laura’s interactive segment will get you doing a real time science experiment in the pub.” @dotyoungson

Laura Emson – “Uncertainty is the only certainty. A guide to help geeks navigate the dating maze with quantum physics as the map.” @Laurastar23

Simon Foster – “’Have you ever wondered what happened to that strange child who was obsessed with rockets and blowing things up? Well they become strange adults who build rockets and blow things up! Simon Foster will give you a brief glimpse into the mind of the rocket scientist, allowing you to meet some of the characters you have and haven’t heard of who have shaped our world, as well as learning just what it takes to become a rocket scientist.’” @DrFozzy

Jane Robb – “Talking tectonics and disproving the Cross (2012) theory that geology is for people who can’t deal with more than 12 elements…!”  @JLizRob

Inside Knowledge – “The Inside Knowledge team that gave the world ‘Science Nation Army’ will be looking at whether science can explain why certain videos go viral and whether they can change the world. Warning, this set includes scenes of Rickrolling that viewers may find upsetting.”

Neil Monteiro – “The principles of science can turn up in some very unexpected places – I’ll be showing some of the more arcane examples of science in action.  Not everything in this set will be fully explained on the night!”

Daniel Schreiber – “Why no one has/can write a book called ‘How To Be An Explorer’. A 9-minute history about some of the great eccentric explorers and how their derring-dos should have killed them, but instead advanced scientific knowledge”

Nicole Slavin – “Don’t blame my vagina: Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of sexually transmitted infections, but were afraid (or too grossed out) to ask.  And what’s the Goddess of Love got to do with it? Contains science, history, nudity, German, swearing and opera.”

As always, superstar showoff Steve Cross will be your compere for the evening, definitely introducing the acts, possibly leading a crowd of people to shout ‘Hadouken!’ and hopefully leaving the Michael Faraday puns at home for one night and one night only. I said hopefully… We hope to see you there!


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