Science Showoff 8 (MY HAMSTER!) – 1st May, Wilmington Arms

Wow. Just wow. What a truly BRILLIANT gig we had on Tuesday night! If you weren’t there, you missed out on a whole host of science themed fun, and a visit from the Easter Bunny. If you were there, THANK YOU! You helped us to raise over £425 for the wonderful Islington Arts Factory, while making up part of the best science entertainment crowd ever!

This week, we heard about the secrets of dating explained by quantum mechanics, saw a glass-shatteringly brilliant demo on resonance, and discovered how it helps to be as eccentric as Brian Blessed to become a great explorer. We also had the opportunity to sing along to STI-themed opera, a song about animal mating habits, and an EPIC rendition of Bohmian Rhapsody (not a typo) accompanied by POWERPOINT PEDAL. Rock on.

Want to astound us with your take on the science closest to your heart? SIGN UP IS NOW LIVE for our next gig! We will be back at the Wilmington Arms at 7pm on 1st May 2012. Have a burning desire to explain the finer points of the combustion triangle? Itching to share with us the science behind bug bites? The rules are simple. You have 9 minutes, as timed by our very swish Showometer, to strut your stuff in any way, shape or form. All that we ask is that your set has some scientific basis to it. Click on the following link to snap up one of our FIVE remaining slots for next month:

If you have previously performed but would still like to sign up, may we kindly ask that you initially take one of our reserve slots, in order to allow new Showoffs to, erm, show off.

As if spending 9 minutes on stage sharing your science knowledge with the best audience ever wasn’t enough, performers will also make it onto our Periodic Table of Science Showoff. Showoff Alumni, click on the link to find yourself:

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and Showoff! We look forward to seeing you on 1st May, 7pm, at the Wilmington Arms!

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