Science Showoff 8 (MY HAMSTER!) – line up announced for 1st May!

After the brilliant Science Showoff 7, we are BACK on 1st May 2012 at the Wilmington Arms with Science Showoff 8! As usual, a host of wonderful performers will dazzle you in nine minutes with talks, demos and general randomness, with the common theme of SCIENCE. As always, the gig is free however we will be raising money for charity and suggest a donation of £5, in return for compliments, a beautiful stamp on your hand and a fantastic evening of entertainment. This month, we will be collecting for the Mini Cooking Club ( who help children and adults to understand and appreciate food, and show them ways of minimising food waste by making the most of what we have, which ultimately benefits us all. They also have the word ‘mini’ in their name, and are therefore the best.

On our gorgeous line up tonight we have:

Theo Blossom, who has the best name ever, and will be sharing with us the dissection of a conservation scientist, from biologist to tree huggerist

Elise Bramich, who will be talking about vampire numbers, arithmomania, tube carriage numbering systems, random number generators and why she counts in my head in French

Matt Wall, who will be talking about the 19th Century brain scientist Angelo Mosso, and then attempting to re-create the world’s first ever neuroimaging experiment, live on stage with a rolling pin, a set of scales, a webcam and a small-ish volunteer

Sarah Castell, who does public opinion research about science, and also sings songs. Tonight for the first time she will combine the two, and skirting the boundaries of good taste, she will tell you what the public think about scientific research combining animal and human materials, based on research she did in 2010 for the Academy of Medical Science (now on your reading list:

Mark Miodownik, who will attempt the most dangerous demo he have ever attempted. Well not dangerous exactly, but painful. He shall be seeking volunteers from the audience. The theme, as per usual, is Materials. Which, let’s face it, is the best theme.

Helen Keen, who will be trying out material for her new Edinburgh Fringe Show, ‘Helen Keen: Robot Woman of Tomorrow,’ which will transport you into the exciting, inventive and tinfoily world of The Future (by at least 9 minutes – maybe more if anything goes wrong with her Powerpoint). Tribute will be paid to the enduring power of science fiction to give us visions of a newer, better, fairer world – and she will also possibly reminisce about being a temp.

Farrah Nazir, who will be sharing her finding of an interdisciplinary field report exploring two contrasting festival environments; Music vs. Science. Which will win? Only one way to find out…

Lindsay Keith, aka Ophelia Bottom, who will be explaining, very simply, in words of less than 3 syllables (and possibly with the aid of cheap graphics), that science on TV has not, she repeats NOT, been dumbed down in the slightest over the past few years. She will also throw her spotlight on the complex algorithms surrounding swearing on TV, health and safety on a typical science shoot (“typical” being a bungee jump using knicker elastic and real knickers) and how the best laid plans of mice, men and TV producers usually goes to pot when commissioning editors gets anywhere near the edit suite.

Liam Hogan, who will present a thought experiment, very loosely based on Schroedingers Cat, which imagines what happens if the uncollapsed waveform isn’t a live vs. dead cat, but a Universe with and without the Higgs boson, and that all we see about us NEEDS the Higgs boson to exist. Then he will discuss how we (mankind, not you as our audience) go looking for the Higgs Boson using the LHC and prove it does/does not exist, with results expected this year, tying nicely into the Mayan 2012 prophecy.

Jonny Berliner, who writes really funny songs about really geeky stuff, from theoretical physics to the evolution of man and everything in between. Warm up those vocal chords for a bit of a sing-a-long-a-science-song.

And who is our compere for such an epic evening, I hear you ask? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the wave-particle duality equivalent of Science Showoff, Clark-Kent-and-Superman himself, Steve Cross, who will be warming you up with amusing anecdotes, and distracting you from performers setting up behind him with his sparkling personality. Or some toast-based ‘humour.’

We look forward to seeing you at 7pm on Tuesday 1st May at the Wilmington Arms!

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