Science Showoff at the Imperial Festival, 11th May 2012 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

The battle is on! Tuesday’s Science Showoff audience members were clearly out to prove themselves as the BEST SHOWOFF AUDIENCE out there, beating the audience-awesomeness demonstrated by the Museums Showoff crowd the week before – but only just. Thanks to our amazing audience, and the temptation of some very scrummy cookies, you raised over £420 for the Mini Cooking Club, and totally deserved every calorie you (and I) consumed that night! Well done to all who attended and gave so generously!


Speaking of battles, if you missed the gig on Tuesday night, you missed Farrah Nazir’s Battle of the Festivals, where Science beat Music and she got glitter EVERYWHERE! You missed Matt Wall proving that it is really difficult to stimulate a man’s mind compared to other areas! You missed Mark Miodownik proving that wax is the most romantic material by using it to remove a man’s body hair live on stage – and they say romance is dead! You missed Helen Keen’s overview of some seriously questionable robotic inventions (which also had a vaguely romantic theme…!), and you missed a good old fashioned sing-along about internet addiction with Jonny Berliner!


Feeling left out, or just can’t wait until the June gig? Fear not! We are back for a very special Treat-Sized Science Showoff at the Imperial Festival! On Friday, May 11th 2012, we will be at the pop up pub, the Haemo Globe Inn (*insert laughter / groan here*) situated on Level 1 of the Sherfield Building on the South Kensington Campus, north side of Queens Lawn (22 on this map: The gig starts at 8pm, however the Haemo Globe Inn will be open earlier, so come along, grab a drink and have a chat, as we will be there from 7pm.


Lined up to entertain you at the Imperial Festival next Friday we have:

Tom Whyntie:
“TOM AND HIS AMAZING RADIOACTIVE BANANA!” I know it’s only one sentence, and it’s not even really a sentence, but you get the gist… (we do?! Suze)

Martin Zaltz Austwick:
I will be playing songs about science in my inimitably folky way. Previous delights have included ditties about the discovery of irrational numbers and Brownian Motion – you’ll just have to wait and see what I have up my sleeve this time.

Oliver Broadbent:
I will be dazzling the Imperial crowd with more ‘Cooking with Concrete’ – this time a weeknight meal, ready in 9 minutes.

Helen Arney:
Geek songstress, stand-up & Imperial College physics graduate Helen Arney makes musical comedy out of science. She’s toured with Prof Brian Cox, Robin Ince and Tim Minchin but tonight she returns to South Kensington play a few songs about what she did – and didn’t – learn in her degree.

Suze Kundu:
It wouldn’t be a Fun Size Science Showoff without Fun Size Suze! I’ll be chatting about more chemistry. Please bring your own butter and jam.

The evening will be expertly, and maybe shoutily, compered by Steve Cross. We hope Imperial know what they are letting themselves in for!


As always, we will be collecting for charity on the night, and suggest a donation of £5. Imperial College have chosen Keen London ( as the designated charity for this gig. Keen London is a charity that offers one-to-one sports and recreational opportunities for children and young adults with special needs, and their siblings, at no cost to their families and caregivers. Taking part in sports and recreational activities promotes physical development and co-ordination, helps develop social skills and encourages teamwork. Keen London don’t charge for these sessions, and rely on the donations and sponsorship.


What are you waiting for? Diaries / high-tech electronic devices out please! Science Showoff at the Imperial Festival, Friday 11th May, from 7pm, at the Haemo Globe In, Sherfield Building, Imperial College. We look forward to seeing you there!

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