Science Showoff at the Star of Kings, May 13th 7pm

Two gigs in one week?!? They said it couldn’t be done! And maybe it can’t. But with the help of our good friends at the British Science Association we think it can.

This Sunday come and join a FANTASTIC lineup of old faces and new friends at the Star of Kings on York Way in London. That’s here: In the audience will be a great bunch of science communicators from all over the UK, taking part in the Science Communication Conference at Kings Place the next day. And you. You lovely people.

Doors are 7pm and as ever the gig is FREE! We will be collecting money for the fantastic London Wildlife Trust, who own Camley Street Nature Park, which you can see from outside the pub. We’ll finish at 10 so that there’s plenty of time for gossip afterwards.

And here is the intrepid lineup who will be keeping you intrigued and entertained:

Steve Cross will, as ever, compere – “I have lots of jokes, a number of snide comments about science communication organisations, a new t-shirt and an incredible new science-themed party trick to show off. I will mainly be mucking about and making the other acts look better.”

Shane McCracken (I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!) – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from 4 years of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! All the backstage gossip, front of house hilarity and the saucy stuff we can’t publish.

Anne Osterrider (Oxford Brookes University) – “I’m your chubby fluid-filled buddy”: We want to show the world that plants are not just sitting around being boring, but that there is actually a lot going on inside their cells. To do so, we are producing music videos in which the organelles come alive – “…to the sound of science…”

Dan Schreiber (Radio 4, QI etc) – A 9-minute talk on the phylogeny, evolution, distribution and anatomy of Gigantopithecus tibetica. Featuring all of my favourite Yeti “facts”, which were taught to me mostly by explorer and thespian Brian Blessed.

Simon Watt (Inside Nature’s Giants, Channel 4) – My mate Dan is getting married and, as best man, I need to write a speech. I have had Darwin’s help.  Now I need yours.

Kathryn Harkup (University of Surrey) – Poisons: Has your partner been asking about insurance? Do you have a rich relative tenaciously clinging to life? 9 minutes on dose, antidote, symptoms and treatment with top tips for your defence barrister.

Steven Byrne (Y Touring Theatre Company) – A chance to take a sneaky peak of a trailer of Dayglo a play and a film about punk and pharmacogenetics among other things. Dayglo is YTouring’s latest innovation putting live theatre on the big screen for young people and

Cobi Smith – Science communication through improvisational theatre. Why isn’t anyone doing this yet? Oh wait – some are. For scientists. What about everyone else? We know people can learn through play and dialogue, so it’s a natural fit. Cobi’s PhD research, science-art fun and recent ranting about open access are converging and she wants you
to be involved.

Adam Strang (Science Made Simple) – Sanger, a lover of chillies and shunner of danger, will explain why these marvellous peppers give us that burning feeling.  He will also demonstrate the physiological effects of super-hot chillies on a human male idiot.

Strawberry and Cream – Strawberry and Cream will serenade you with sexy science-y songs. Ukulele, Double Bass and two girls in polkadots!

Eva Monteiro – Insects in Order: an exhibition about the diversity of insects. A game where you can experience the identification process.

See you Sunday!

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