Science Showoff UK tour June / July PERFORMERS WANTED

Hello the UK!!

Science Showoff, the night where anyone can communicate any kind of science in any way is coming for you. We have a little UK tour coming up, and the time has come to sign yourself up as a performer and claim your nine minutes. Anyone can take to the stage with us.

If you haven’t seen us in action yet, just visualise a friendly, anarchic stream of talent smashing through different styles of performance and different geeky subjects at precisely 146.57 mile per hour. But about science.

Here are the gigs. Please read the instructions carefully on the Doodle pages before signing up.


We start with Science Showoff 9 (West is Suze’s favourite), the ninth regular Science Showoff gig in London. It’s at The Wilmington Arms ( Tuesday June 12th

Signup to perform (London)

Next up is our gig with Cheltenham Skeptics as part of the Cheltenham Science Festival Fringe at D-Fly ( Saturday June 16th


Then we enter into partnership with the Society for Applied Microbiology (don’t worry – you can show off about other sciences too) in Edinburgh, at the Voodoo Rooms ( on July 3rd

Signup to perform (Edinburgh)

Then, thanks to some sparkling booking from Suzi Gage and Declan Fleming, we rock up in Bristol at The Grain Barge ( on Thursday July 12th

Signup to perform (Bristol)

Grab your chance now to show off your science in any way you like!

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