Science Showoff 9 (West is Suze’s favourite!) – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

Well, May was a busy month for Team Showoff, and for our wonderful audience members! We had three wonderful gigs – our regular monthly slot, a starring slot at the Imperial Festival, and a cosy conference warm-up gig before the Science Communication Conference. As such, we thought we all ought to make the most of these bank holidays and have a few days off. Never fear though, for we are BACK on June 12th at our usual home, the Wilmington Arms, for our final gig of the 2011/2012 season before we embark on our first UK tour this Summer! We will be back in September, but if the thought of being without us until then terrifies you, make sure you come along to this gig.

As always, entry to our gig is free however we will be collecting for charity – you know the drill! This month, our chosen charity is the Lightyear Foundation ( If you were at one of our previous gigs and waved your shoe around by its shoe lace in order to experimentally determine the value for gravitational acceleration on Earth, you will already be familiar with the wonderful work that this charity do. If you missed out, then never fear, as we will probably do this in the pub again! We recommend a donation of £5, but larger donations receive compliments and hugs, so please give generously.

Tickling your science-receptive tastebuds this month, we have an awesome line up including:

Shama Rahman – Songs about Time on Sitar? That’s what Shama Rahman offers with her musings on the tragic repercussions of always running on a 26-hour sleep-wake cycle, how the passage of time affects our perceptions and… oh and “what’s love got to do with it?!”

Amber Hill – Ever wondered when and how people outside of research will have more control over scientific content? Come listen in on how new trends in research are paving the way to cross-disciplinary work and a little teaser on uniting art and science in a meaningful way.

Gez Howell – Gerry’s performances lie somewhere between Mr Fantastic and the mysterious encyclopedia of Uqbar: his imagination casts itself far and wide as he recounts his early years growing up in a post office or his experiences playing chess with pandas. He is currently living in his head.

Oliver Broadbent – Who needs Brunel, Telford or Eiffel to get the youth excited about engineering when a little double entendre will do.

Alexander Andreou – Supersymmetry. Is there a pattern to attraction? From the subatomic world of strange quarks to quasars in space I explore the possibilities of a wonderful theory of attraction.

Peter Harrison (not the planetarium) – Biologists make surprising, exciting, incredible discoveries about reptiles on a weekly basis. Yet we’re still recycling the same boring facts in public works. Let’s look at what we’re missing!

Ankur Ravinarayana Chakravarthy – Shedding light on the sophisticated ways of parasites – from chemical castration to precision neurosurgery, from behavioural modification to establishing cellular clear zones.

Dan Schreiber – “Fact’s Greatest Hits”

Elisa Vitiello – Have you ever wondered why a human falls in love with a vampire? Do you think Bella loves Edward Cullen because he is cool? I’m going to tell you the truth behind this romance, and what makes a vampire so attractive to a human, deeply within the cell.

Team Lightyear – We’ll help you drown your Tuesday sorrows with exceptional beer-based experiments. The Lightyear Foundation’s Dr Svet and Laura are branching out from their usual kid-friendly experiments to expand your brain – we will empirically confirm what everyone knows, a beer really does make you smarter. Pints at the ready…

All this will as always be expertly compered by legendary lover of chemistry, Steve Cross, who has promised to share with you his brilliant science party piece on our special end-of-season show. I’ve seen it. It’s pretty mind blowing, and not to be missed!

7pm, 12th June 2012, Wilmingtom Arms. SEE YOU THERE!


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