Science Showoff comes to Cheltenham, June 16th!

Science Showoff comes to Cheltenham on June 16th!

It’s Saturday night and Science Showoff, the night where anyone can do anything about science, is crashing into town, bloodstream full of booze and head full of youthful naughtiness. And science. I meant science, really. We’ve sold out in London so many times that we’ve decided to give Cheltenham a go. You’re nice people, right?

Come and join us at D’Fly in Cheltenham (that’s 1A Crescent Place / 40 Clarence St GL50 3NX) where, with our hosts the lovely Cheltenham Skeptics in the Pub, we bring you a night of science-themed anarchy, genius, entertainment, comedy and, possibly, tragedy.

Doors will open at 7pm on June 16th, and entry is free, but we will be collecting to pay for the event, with any left over going to a local charity. We’d suggest £5 each. Otherwise Suze will have to sleep in the street.

And what do you get for that money?

You get our compere Steve Cross (from Bright Club), on a one-man quest to prove that science is hilarious, that chemistry is rubbish and that you can best understand the human psyche by dating every human, and with inside gossip and secrets from across the science communication world to share. He’ll be joined by 10 amazing (we hope) acts who have signed up to perform at this, our very first gig outside the South-East.

They are:

Oliver Broadbent (an engineer and Science Showoff veteran) – “Who needs Brunel, Telford or Eiffel to get the youth excited about engineering when a little double entendre will do”

Suze Kundu (a chemist and the “good cop” of the Science Showoff team) – “A look at the science behind the flying trapeze, complete with photos of my first attempt at it. Gravity will feature heavily…”

Helen Arney & Rob Wells (the marvelous funny people behind “Domestic Science” and 1000000 other great science projects) – “Helen Arney and Rob Wells are a pair of physics graduates, and also a real-life couple. In 9 minutes they’ll tackle a cosmological conundrum, solve a microscopic mysteries and try to maintain their own domestic bliss. Fingers crossed then.”

Jamie Gallagher (Chemist and the man who should have won Famelab UK this year) – “Energy is important, nothing worse than seeing your iPhone slip into the red. The hot and powerful Jamie will show you how we can stop this happening again as he talks about humans as batteries (Yes, like The Matrix).”

Radu Sporea (Bright Club Guildford veteran and technology guru) – “The first electronics revolution happened thanks to one unbearable scientist. Revolution number two is just around the corner and is inspired from buttered toast!”

Simon Watt (TV presenter and all-around science badass) – “Shark vs Croc” (simon declined to tell us more! – Ed.)

Lizzie Crouch (LaCrosse player and science communicator) – “Lizzie and Suze learn how to fly: Part 2. After me and Suze bravely learn how to fly in trapeze school we will analyse our efforts scientifically. I will step up and look at the psychological aspect behind our brave efforts; using Suze as a case study of fear and trust!”

Adam Strang (The Howling Mad Murdoch of scicomm from Science Made Simple) – “Sanger, a lover of chillies and shunner of danger, will explain why these marvellous peppers give us that burning feeling. He will also demonstrate the physiological effects of super-hot chillies on a human male idiot”

Simon Foster (who brings some class to Imperial College’s science outreach) – “When science attacks: We all know that science has, for the most part, benefitted mankind (nuclear weapons aside), but what happens when science doesn’t play by the rules and decides to attack? Find out how Pikachu, the LHC and helium balloons have all declared war on the human race.”

David Jones (the Natural History Museum’s number one bug guy) – “An evolutionary arms race among insects. Get up close and personal with the good, the bad and the ugly”

Do come visit us at or or follow us on Twitter @ScienceShowoff to find out more!



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