Museums Showoff 2 – June 27th. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

It’s back!The second coming of Museums Showoff is here. After a packed first gig, where we found out about a dead museum, banned Russell Brand from our stores, saw a dead sailor’s penis and were amazed by Steve’s T. Rex impression we thought we’d do it all over again.
The gig is on June 27th, upstairs at the Camden Head on Camden Rd (that’s the Camden Head in Camden, NOT the one in Islington!). Doors are at 7pm. Entry is free, but we will be collecting for Arts Emergency, who campaign for access to arts education for everyone regardless of income. You can read more about them here: We suggest a £5 donation each. Last time the crowd raised £350, which is AMAZING, but BEATABLE.Performing live, for nine minutes each, will be:Steve Cross (compere)– Mucking about as much as ever. Probably making slightly off-colour jokes about the Science Museum, the Elgin Marbles, Henry Wellcome and dating. As usual. And trying to hold the night together, of course.Sarah Chaney (UCL Museums, Bethlem) – Have you ever shed blood for a museum? Sarah Chaney has – and still carries the bitemarks to prove it! Enjoy the grisly story of this public leeching, and handle a nineteenth century “mechanical leech” if you dare.

Rachel Souhami (Imperial College) – Women’s shoes, fighting and an existential crisis – what happened when the British Museum lost its collections and had to reinvent itself.

Claire Ross and Tom Grinsted (Imperial War Museum Social Interpretation team) – Tom and Claire will be talking about the Social interpretation project at the Imperial War Museum; it involves visitors, digital things, Nazis and 5 different ways to spell s**t

Zoe Hughes (Natural History Museum) – I will be talking about Ammonites, Giving some interesting facts and background information, then introducing the audience to the highlights and my favourites from the collection at the Natural History museum

Team Roald Dahl Museum – Wondercrump interactive regaling of Roald Dahl’s famous Revolting Rhymes by some of the very best storytellers from the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre. Previously described as ‘mad-cap’, ‘high-octane’ and capable of whipping the audience into a frenzy (OK, so most of them were eight years old…) it’s time to prepare to be Dahl-lighted.

Sara Huws (St. Fagans National History Museum) – Never be bored in the park again with this handy guide to the violent sports of Wales. There will be no jokes about Newport.

Hedley Swain – He sees dead people: twenty years of looking for skeletons in museums and trying to give them back to who they belong to.

Anna Darron – What does a bowler hat, a 228 year old horse skeleton, an orange, 250,000,000 farthings and Walt Disney’s signature have in common? Come and find out about how I accidentally wound up co-curating an exhibit for the Royal Veterinary College, and hear about some of the bizarre and fascinating objects and histories discovered in the RVC’s archives!

Asif Nawaz – I’ll be talking about how the cloud can help museums evolve, save money, become efficient and gain additional revenue streams.

David Francis (British Museum) – David Francis has worked as an interpretation officer in the heritage sector for six years and never gets tired of being asked how many languages he can translate. Nine minutes of stand-up about dumbing down, Disneyfication and the difference between hyphens and en dashes.


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