Science Showoff comes to Bristol! 12th July 2012


On July 12th, Science Showoff will be bringing the party to the fine city of Bristol for our first gig ON A BOAT!

From 7pm, we will be at the Grain Barge, Mardyke Wharf, Hotwell Rd, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4RU ( Come along, grab a drink, and let us amaze you with science-based fun-times from local lovers of science and a few from further afield!

We are bringing our superstar compere, Steve Cross, up from London with us, ready to cause trouble, do impressions, see how many chemists he can offend, and hold the entire evening together seamlessly!

On the line up tonight, we have:

Suze Kundu, delving into the chemistry of cocktails to uncover the difference between a cocktail that is shaken and one that is stirred. Find out how to enhance your drinking experience with a little chemical knowledge. Audience participation encouraged!

Declan Fleming, who will be discussing some of the sticky messes that he has gotten himself into when he has tried to teach subjects other than chemistry.

Joe Wright, who will be giving us his critical analysis of the Natural Selection song from the BBC series Horrible Histories. Charles Darwin and David Bowie come together in this brilliant mash-up, but how accurate is the song, time to find out about Darwin’s life, work and the theory of evolution.

Sam Phippen, who will be talking about the robotics competition he helps run for teenagers. Find out more about why one day our robotic overlords will be cubes of wood accidenally thrown together by someone who doesn’t remember the 80s (the best decade).

Jim Bell, who will be telling us that being scared if spiders is silly, and is bringing one of his own friendly tarantulas along to prove his point. (I am terrified of spiders and I have promised to have a go at holding it. I’m not sure why either.)

Mark Lewney, who will be treating us to a Queen-based Tribute to various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, for guitar, voice and Powerpoint pedal. You have never heard a Queen song this nerdy since they dropped Brian May’s “Ode to Zodiacal Dust Clouds” from the first album.

Nicole Slavin, whose set is entitled “Don’t blame my vagina: Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of sexually transmitted infections, but were afraid (or too grossed out) to ask”  will reveal what the Goddess of Love and Bugs Bunny have got to do with it? Contains science, history, nudity, German, swearing and opera.

Sophia Collins, who will be looking to science to see whether it can explain why our parents are quite so exasperating! Soph loves her parents dearly, but occasionally (like, whenever she is in their presence) spams twitter with the hashtag #terryandjuneland, to stop herself from stabbing them.

Karl Byrne, who will show you just how cool viruses are. Although he no longer spends his days in a virus lab, he still loves the little horrors and he’s going to share some of that love with you. Hypochondriacs beware!

Sarah Snell-Pym, with “Me, Bucky Balls and All.” Geek poetry, the throwing of molecular knitting and an exploration of carbon and it’s polymorphs.

This is a gig not to be missed! See you on 12th July, 7pm, at the Grain Barge!


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