Science Showoff comes to Edinburgh! July 3rd 2012

Hey Scotland, ever feel like you’re missing out on all of the Science Showoff fun down south? We are fixing this for you!

On July 3rd, hosted by the Society for Applied Microbiology as part of the SFaM’s Summer Conference, we will be landing in Edinburgh for the first of two gigs outside England in July! From 7.30pm, we will be at the really rather gorgeous looking Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA ( They have a ballroom. I am so excited about coming to visit. You should be too!

By popular request, our compere for the night will be the funny, gorgeous and inexplicably single (has he mentioned that?) Steve Cross, telling jokes, causing havoc, and probably making us all do animated impressions in between the acts. Please remember to stretch before the gig. We don’t want any pulled muscles.

Coming to amaze and astound our Scottish fans, our line up includes:

Clare Taylor – Are we human, or are we microbe? Back in 2008, rock band The Killers asked the controversial question, “Are we human, or are we dancer?” Well actually we are neither, and in 9 min I will show you why!

Kate Cross Have you ever wondered exactly what psychologists get up to all day? Kate Cross tells all (well, as close to all as you can get in nine minutes) and explains why getting published in science is like spending Christmas with the family. In a good way? We shall see…

Jamie Gallagher – Energy is important, nothing worse than seeing your iphone slip into the red. The hot and powerful Jamie will show you how we can stop this happening again as he talks about humans as batteries (Yes, like The Matrix).

Lewis Dean – I shall be monkeying around, explaining the differences between human culture and the behaviour of other primates. You’ll also get to hear some of the j-apes the primates get up to.

Peter Harrison – What’s in a name? A look at the links between scientific classification, Darth Vader, a rigid penis, and Boris Becker.

Gary Kerr – Have you ever noticed that celebrities talk crap when it comes to science… And I don’t just mean “Dr” Gillian McKeith! I’ll be talking about the utter nonsense that celebrities come out and try to back up with scientific fact!

Paul Gardner – Why do fools fall in love, or is it that we are all fooled by this crazy little thing called love.

Ash Pryce, Edinburgh Skeptics – I will take a look at the cons of psychic tricksters and look at the way in which we trick ourselves into thinking we’ve witnessed the impossible.  From the Parapsychology of Zener Cards to the placebo effect of psychic surgery.

Mark Fielder – I am going to explore seasonal events and gastrointestinal infections – how cooking or the lack of it can affect our holiday season – why biomedical scientists are no fans of the hot bank holiday weekend and why we don’t like the jack in the box concept… all will be revealed!

… and…

Lucy Harper – There may be jokes, there may be talking, and there might even be singing. But there’ll definitely be something sciency with music.

Don’t miss our first trip to Scotland! 7:30pm, July 3rd, Voodoo Rooms. Put it in your diary now! See you there!

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