Science Showoff comes to Cardiff! 15th July 2012

GOOD NEWS, PEOPLE OF WALES! We are coming to play!

Science Showoff comes to the Ffresh Bar in the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff at 7pm on Sunday 15th July for a very special gig as part of Cardiff Science Festival.

Our compere for the night is the one and only, funnier than Rhod Gilbert, hotter than a Welshcake straight off the bakestone, Steve Cross who will be telling jokes, doing impressions, making you laugh and distracting you from some super slick changeovers between acts.

And who are these acts, I hear you ask? Well, wait no more for we can now reveal our amazing line-up!

Mark Lewney: A Queen-based Tribute to Various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics”, for guitar, voice and Powerpoint pedal. You have never heard a Queen song this nerdy since they dropped Brian May’s “Ode to Zodiacal Dust Clouds” from the first album.

Julie Gould: Elite athlete turned physics lover, I will be talking about how space-age technology has created waves in and out of the swimming pool.

Wendy Sadler: You may have seen a musical drinking straw saxophone before – but how musical can it really be? We’re about to find out. The ultimate in audience participation with a genuinely un-tested experiment of how musical an unrehearsed drinking straw band can be…

Karl Hanzel: “The brain of an OCD drummer” – a neuroscientific examination of a Croatian percussionist who experiences severe anxiety in public toilets. Tap- tap, wash, wash, cry, cry.

Tom Crick: “Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything” In what will go down a storm at an event with other scientists, I will justify the title of this talk and explain why everyone should study computer science at school.

Rhys Phillips: I will be investigating why song lyrics writers keep insisting that lightning is frightening and finding out what happens when lightning hits a piggy bank!

Ezzy Pearson: Where did we come from? Where are we going? I will attempt to explain by giving a brief history of absolutely bloody everything, condensing 10^1000 years into 9 minutes from Big Bang to the Death of the Universe.

Suze Kundu (not her again?!) : An investigation into whether science can make you a better dancer. A look at some of the physics of Pole Dancing and Pirouettes, with demos. May involve some falling over.

Zoe Randell: Magic and science collide as we look at the forces acting on the human body with a little help from Harry Potter.


Edward Gomez: Chaos is everywhere the Asteroids, Great Spot on Jupiter, rush hour traffic. I will attempt to demonstrate how Chaos is present
in every day life, with the help of volunteers.

A map to the venue can be found here:

Come down early, grab a drink from the bar, and take your seats for some amazing science-based entertainment. See you there!

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