The End of Year Report – Part 1

We’re exhausted. There are no more Showoffs of any kind until September (back in London for Science Showoff on 04/09/12) so it’s time to take some time to look back and reflect on the first year.

I’ll do a more in-depth annual report in a couple of days once it’s all sunk in, but here are some facts and figures.

We’ve organised 16 Science Showoffs, The Last Best Party on New Years’ Eve (with Bright Club) and 2 Museums Showoffs.

120 people have performed at Science Showoff (some have done it more than once, some were parts of duos or trios). This doesn’t include Museums Showoff, but does include the Science Showoff segment of The Last Best Party.

We’ve raised just under £5000 for 13 charities.

I was planning to ask this in the full annual report, but I may as well ask it now: How can we do better in the next year of Showoffs? How can we make gigs better for performers and audiences? What subjects would you like to see us stretch out to? How can we raise more money for charities? Email INFO [AT] SCIENCESHOWOFF. ORG with ideas. You can also send us your reflections on our first year to add to the report. 

The periodic table of Science Showoff 2011/12 is below. Do let me know if I’ve forgotten anyone. I’m waiting for Suze to tell me off for making up two new theoretical metals to fit the Cardiff people in.


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