25th September BACK IN BRISTOL! Sign up to perform NOW!

Calling all South-West based Showoffs!

We promised to come back to play if we managed to SINK THE GRAIN BARGE at our first Bristol gig. Well, the lovely staff at The Grain Barge didn’t quite allow that to happen, but they did stop us from letting any more people into our first gig because it was THAT PACKED! So, as promised, we are coming back on September 25th at 7pm, and YOU CAN PERFORM!

If you fancy sharing any aspect of science in any way, shape or form, SIGN UP IS NOW OPEN! If you have already performed at our first Bristol gig, please do not sign up, but please do come and support new performers at this second gig. Think you can beat Nicole Slavin’s STD-themed operatic performance, out-riff Mark Lewney’s Bohmian Rhapsody, shake less than I did when holding something small and furry (highly likely), or dance better than Karl Byrne (highly unlikely, sorry), SIGN UP HERE NOW!


Join us at the Grain Barge again at 7pm on September 25th 2012 for our second Science Showoff in Bristol! SEE YOU THERE!

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