4th September gig – Science Showoff 2.1 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!


London, get ready, as Science Showoff returns to the Wilmington Arms (http://www.thewilmingtonarms.co.uk/) at 7pm on TUESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER after a wonderful Summer tour of the UK during which, amazingly, Steve and Suze BOTH SURVIVED without one trying and succeeding to kill the other! Cause for celebration if ever there was one. As always, entry to the gig is free, but we will be collecting for a charity and suggest a donation of £5. The charity for this gig is the Snowflake School (www.snowflakeschool.org.uk) based in Earls Court, who provide high quality education for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, where my wonderful friend Ella works very hard as a teacher. Please give as generously as you are able to. These kids are such fantastic characters, but the school is always in need of more resources to help teachers do their job effectively.

Kicking things off for us in Season 2, we have some amazing acts, including:

Steve Cross – our compere, who is apparently now a top science comedian, survived performing six times in three days at the Green Man Festival and will probably just talk about mud for the whole night.

Sara Pascoe – I going to talk about whether animals are conscious or not

Simon Kane – I (“John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme”, writer for “That Mitchell and Webb Look”) will explain not only how I managed to stave off my growing interest in science just long enough to write a science fiction pilot, but how, thanks to a conversation with an architect at a barbecue about the Uncertainty Principle, a nineteenth comedy about artificial intelligence, and Simon Singh, he actually managed to stave it off scientifically.’

Martin Croser – I’ll be doing some jokes about the planets and Biological immortality and some other stuff that I learnt on Wikipedia the afternoon before the gig.

Hazel Gibson – I’ll being talking about what the front line of earth sciences identification is really like – the weird theories, odd discoveries and wacky questions that I get every day. All the stories are true and by the end of it you will either want to laugh or cry at some peoples ideas about geology!

Nick Fyson – The path of true science never does run smooth, and the standard paradigm of theory, prediction and experiment is too often followed by HERE COME THE BATSHIT CRAZIES. I will tell the tale of Bernard Kettlewell vs The Dark Forces of Creationism, defending the honour of the humble peppered moth.

Gregory Akerman – I will be talking about a three year research project, attempting to discover exactly how ants communicate has been started by researchers at the university of york. childrens supposed, pre-defined adaptability to Wittgenstein’s ‘language game’ will to pitted against a 1000 strong colony of ants to see – in communicative terms – who kicks whose arse.

Laura Emson –  Women! Puzzled by your man’s chuntering? Men! Wondering what the fuck she’s on about – again? Forget self-help books and let your friendly stand-up comic Laura show you that the solution owes more to Louis-Victor-Pierre-Raymond, 7th duc de Broglie and Plancking (and not the 2011 meme) than psychobabble and pseudoscience.

Carmen Ali – I will be doing a set called ‘Love, Sex and Science’. Looking into attraction and what scientists might do after a bad break up. Includes jokes about intercourse and when vermin move into your flat. And you’ll never look at the periodic table the same way again.

James Wilkes – poet-in-residence at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience will share some of his work.

Nadine Lavan – I will be talking a little bit about laughter and tell the story of how preparing stimuli for studies can make you realise that you are not particularly gifted as a DJ.

For all this and more, come along to Science Showoff, 7pm, Tuesday 4th September, at the Wilmington Arms. SEE YOU THERE!

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