Science Showoff Bristol 2, 25th September 2012 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

Bristolians, let us entertain you!

On Tuesday 25th September 2012 at 7pm join us on the beautiful Grain Barge for science-based fun and frolics ON A BOAT. On our brilliant line-up tonight, we have:

Suzi Gage: I am going to lead the congregation in a ‘slightly edited’ hymn, and share my musings on neurophilosophy.

Karl Byrne: I’ll be combining my love of science with my love of comics to talk about some of the real world science behind a few superheroes. Warning: May contain bondage and lubricant…

Martin Coath: As a starter (or possibly an “amuse bouche”) I am going to rescue the reputation of two scientists that nobody has ever heard of – there are lots to choose from I haven’t decided which ones yet.  For the main course I will be picking on my fellow neuroscientists in a frenzy of career-ruining invective, or maybe I might just be mildly critical depending on how much I have had to drink.

Collective Complexity: We’ll be making what can loosely be described as music, and visualising the soundwaves in various different ways 🙂

Ross Exton: I’m going to be talking about the chemistry of poisons whilst telling stories of gruesome murders and assassinations

James Keasley: How to make your own monster, it’s fun and anyone can do it! Talking about cryptozoology from a pretty sceptical point of view, about a successful Monster Hoax.

Beth Atkinson: I’ll be talking about the strange people and situations (scorned women, frozen otters…) I encounter when trying to do ecology.

Wolfington: “Lo-fi and pervy” zombie folk music from Bristol based physics geeks; highlights include rhyming the words ‘bras’ and ‘quasars’, and music from their upcoming Tesla concept album. A peer reviewed version of Spinal Tap.

As always, the gig will be held together by our superstar compere Steve Cross, who will be making us laugh and offending chemists in his own special way.

All this and more, including HUGS FROM ME! Entry to the gig is free, however we will be collecting for our chosen charity for the gig, Caring at Christmas in Bristol. We suggest a donation of £5, however higher donations get a personalised cheerlead from Suzi and I. I should probably tell Suzi this…


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