Museums Showoff 3 – 27th September, Wilmington Arms. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

The first Museums Showoff in its lovely new home, The Wilmington Arms, and the third Museums Showoff in London! After two full gigs at the Camden Head so far, we thought we’d better go somewhere bigger.

Come and hear a crowd of exciting museums staff tell you the secret behinds-the-scenes stories, and a crowd of excited museums fans tell you about the amazing buildings, exhibitions, collections and objects they’ve found.

The gig takes place at the Wilmington Arms (also the home of Science Showoff) on September 27th (next Thursday!). Doors are 7pm and entry is free. Will be collecting on the door for our charity of the month which is Streetwise Opera, who use music to help homeless people get on with their lives ( We suggest donations of £5.

Taking to the stage for this extravaganza of entertainment at the place where people meet objects are:

Steve Cross, compere, showoff, and a man whose knowledge of museums could fit into the average giftshop paper bag. Still, he tries.

Dave Graves – “A lovely (slightly sarcastic) banner waving set about why museums education is just about the best form of education there is, and how it can save the country from managed decline. I’ll also cover how even the most unfeted towns in the UK can produce glorious stuff beneath the radar, because nobody is pestering us. Hence hands off government and regulatory bodies, we don’t need you. I’ll finish by sharing how great kids think we are because we do things the way we do, via the medium of their unintentionally hilarious feedback comments.”

Paolo Viscardi – “Morbid museum moments with mummies, mustelids and mermaids. An (alliterative) exploration of natural history collection and curation.”

Corrinne Burns – “The Science Museum encourages visitors to share their thoughts via our interactive touchscreens, and one of the unexpected pleasures of working here is access to the “Comments Awaiting Moderation” feed. It really helps us to understand how people respond to our exhibits – so I’ll be sharing some gems from this unique insight into visitor psychology.”
Rosie Clarke – “My new favourite museum is the tiny Pevensey Courthouse and Museum, dating back to the 13th-century – but why? I’ll talk about some of the eccentric objects from their collections, and retell dramatic stories of people from Pevensey’s past…”
Martin Croser – “I’ll be talking about the Keswick Pencil Museum, it’s like the natural history museum but A) vastly superior B) Entirely dedicated to pencils & C) Based in a shed next to an abandoned industrial estate. I may also mention Cumbria’s other great tourist attraction- the Penrith Alpaca Centre.”
Ben Templeton – “Expect a schizophrenic rant about how technology is both brilliant and infuriatingly crap at enhancing museum experiences. All politely summarised with a call to arms : play is the way we must harness our natural curiosity in the face of rapid technological change”
Jack Shoulder – “An excitable and hopefully coherent babble about some of the really amazing and downright bizarre things I’ve found in museums on my adventures. Expect tales of marzipan empresses and celebrity badgers!”
The Roald Dahl Museum – “Wondercrump interactive regaling of Roald Dahl’s famous Revolting Rhymes by some of the very best storytellers from the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre. Previously described as mad-cap, high-octance and capable of whipping the audience into a frenzy (OK, so most of them were eight years old…) it’s time to prepare to be Dahl-lighted!”
Gregory Ackerman – “We shall discuss the factors that led to Hans Sloane’s feverish desire to catalogue and collect as many tokens and treasures from around the globe as he could lay his hands on – but with jokes.”
And more!
See you there!

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