Science Showoff Oxford, 4th October 2012 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

As Vampire Weekend famously sang, who gives a f**k about an Oxford Comma when you have an Oxford Science Showoff to get excited about?! What do you mean, you haven’t heard that version? It was a studio demo, from before they became famous…

We will be bringing Science Showoff to Oxford for the first time on Thursday 4th October! Join us from 7pm at Science Oxford for science-based entertainment covering topics from the engineering of spiders webs to how the tiniest of structures can be amazing when viewed at high magnitide.

On the line up tonight, we have:

Steve Cross: All the way from that there London, Steve will be our compere for the night which, if previous gigs are to go by, will involve bullying chemists for giggles!

Jonathan Wood: Disgust at walking through one too many spider webs (a pet hate) has motivated me to find out more. I discover that spiders are scarily good engineers, all just in time for Halloween.

Thaddius Aid: I will be talking about how we can use phylogenetic trees to find out what parts of the human genome are under selective pressure.

Louise Hughes: Description of the set: Zooming into what life looks like under the electron microscope. A series of images and movies will be shown to demonstrate the amazing minature structures all around us.

Gregory Akerman:  I will be talking about a three year research project, attempting to discover exactly how ants communicate has been started by researchers at the university of york. childrens supposed, pre-defined adaptability to Wittgenstein’s ‘language game’ will to pitted against a 1000 strong colony of ants to see – in communicative terms – who kicks whose arse.

Alex Brown: Metaphorically thinking: how the words you know affect the way you think. From 1984 to indeterminate Spanish fruit, Alex Brown takes us on a round-the-world linguistic tour of the way scientific ideas themselves are expressed. Warning: may include fluffy pens.

Mark Lewney: A Queen-based Tribute to Various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics”, for guitar, voice and Powerpoint pedal. You have never heard a Queen song this nerdy since they dropped Brian May’s “Ode to Zodiacal Dust Clouds” from the first album.

Anne Osterrieder: I will be sharing a rock song about mitochondria and possibly a short movie about a caterpillar virus.

Brian Macken: I’ll be representing our wonderful venue tonight, Science Oxford!

PLUS sets from the lovely Sarah Cosgriff and the legend that is Dominic McDonald!

As always, entry to the gig is free, but we will be collecting for the Oxford Food Bank. We suggest a donation of £5, but if you are able to donate any more, it would be greatly appreciated.

See you at Science Oxford (map *here!*), at 7pm, on Thursday 4th October!

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