GEEK SHOWOFF – November 6th, Wilmington Arms

Due to the postponement of Social Science Showoff, we find ourselves with a gap in the calendar just before the MASSIVE Science Showoff on November 7th (tickets for that here btw: .

Dan Schreiber has suggested we try out a Geek Showoff, so that’s what we’re going to do. 10 acts showing off about any geeky subject at all.

Join us on Tuesday night to see:

Steve Cross, MC and opinionated about Star Wars.
Cat Rogers, opera nerd
Elise Bramich, TV producer (ish), maths geek and Otaku
Laura Emson, studying geeks socially
Toby Shannon, knitting nerd
Dan Simpson, poet, computer game fan and wannabe superhero
Cameron Robinson, videogame science analyst
Dan Schreiber, man of all knowledge
Bekah Jade, pony princess

And more!

The gig will be at the Wilmington Arms on November 6th. Doors are 7pm. Entry will be FREE OF CHARGE but we suggest a donation of £5 on the door to our charity for the night, which is The Anti-Bullying Alliance

So… come and geek out with us. Share your love of computers, or Babylon 5, or maths, or conspiracy theories or…

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