Science Showoff 2.3, 4th December 2012 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

What a wonderful couple of months we have had since our last Wilmington Arms gig back in October! We popped up to Oxford for our first Showoff there, we helped organise a Science Arts Cabaret night at One KX for the Bloomsbury Festival, we had another amazing, packed-out Museums Showoff, held our first Geek Showoff, and had a whole load of you over for our #MASSIVESHOWOFF gig at London’s beautiful Bloomsbury Theatre, where the lovely Steve Cross had more costume changes than Kylie and Beyonce put together! Thanks to our gorgeous audiences, we are on target to beat the 2011/2012 total for money raised for charity.

On Tuesday 4th December we return to our regular home, the wonderful Wilmington Arms. Doors open at 7pm, so come down early to make sure you grab a beer and a seat before the gig starts! Warming you up for Christmas / Winterval / Saturnalia / Annual Food Fest / other politically-correct-and-culturally-diverse-but-a-little-less-sparkly seasonal celebration, we have an incredible line up of performers, including…

Steve Cross: Santa’s cutest little helper will be compering, showing off his latest T shirt purchases, being funny and ensuring that our night runs as smoothly as nomzy Nutella

Andrew Pontzen: Andrew will be trying out a number N of new songs. N will be somewhere between one and two (inclusive)

Lindsay Keith: WOMEN KNOW YOUR PLACE! Lindsay (possibly with some assistance from her alter ego Ophelia Bottom) will be waxing lyrical about the role of women in science

Simon Foster: Killing you with Pikachu; I’ll be sharing some accidental science disasters

Jakob Whitfield: Using string, cardboard, and other props, I will take a whistlestop tour through aeronautical history, explaining how aeroplanes got their shape. In particular, I will attempt to explain why flying objects get pointier as they get faster – until they don’t

Andy Beale: In a dark, dark jungle there’s a dark, dark cave and in the dark, dark cave some see-through fish with no eyes live. I’ll be telling you how and why this came to be, and why these fish are more interesting than you think

Marc Jones: The tuatara is often incorrectly said to be a “living fossil” possessing three eyes and no teeth. We will uncover the truth and examine its very specialised teeth and jaws used to dismember prey

Stuart Higgins: Science vs. Scientists! In the red corner, weighing in at an incredible, dimensionally and factually incorrect. 13.75 billion light years is Science, the Universe, and everything! In the blue corner, weighing up the prospects of love and life outside the lab are the Scientists! Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Tom Manly: Cognitive neuroscientist Tom Manly will demonstrate that your sense of self is a fragile illusion using only a brush and a winning smile

Rachel Freeman: A research engineer at the University of Bristol, Rachel will talk about all things energy-demand related. Her set includes orgasmic kettles and plasma screen breeding, and explains what the connection is between what we humans do and what our climate does, why jellyfish could be the internet infrastructure of the future, and how the obesity epidemic could be solved. And it’s funny too

Jon London: Jon London is a schools science communicator, and probably the only man you’ve ever met fully insured to bring gunpowder into Primary Schools.  This is the story of some of the… odder things TV production companies have asked him to build, including a blowtorch powered by sugar

…and also possibly including Suze in a Santa hat – well, it is almost Christmas. And let’s face it, any excuse will do.

As always, entry to our gigs is free, and we will be collecting for a local charity. Our chosen charity for this month is SHP, the charity for homeless and vulnerable people in London. We suggest a donation of £5, but higher donations get hugs and Christmas treats for being on the right side of Science Showoff’s Good-And-Naughty List.


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