Science Showoff 2.4, 15th January 2013 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Almost, anyway. Yes, it looks like we survived the apocalypse predicted by the Mayans, which is lucky as I have to collect some dry cleaning tomorrow that I have already paid for…

New Year, same brilliant Science Showoff! The International Journal of Obesity conducted a small study that showed that laughter is a great way to burn away some calories, so if you, like me, have been overindulging over the festive period, it’s time to giggle away your mulled wine and mince pies, donate to a charity, and maybe discover some interesting science facts in the process.

On 15th January 2013 at 7pm, we will be back at the Wilmington Arms with an excellent line up of brand new Showoffs, including:

Carmen Ali – Biology and feminism with interactive comedy – will be discussing humour and gender, sexual equality, and whether names are important. Expect jokes and new perspectives!

Jane Robb – I will be taking the audience on an imaginary tour of the video gaming world of Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V) showing what I think would be a cool story for the geology of the province.

Louise Hughes – The science and art of microscopy and the miniature life it reveals can be facinating and beautiful at the same time. I will take you on an exploration of these micro worlds, populated by beautiful and amazing monsters.

Sarah Cosgriff – I will be telling a story of Henrietta Lacks, an ordinary woman who changed the world. She has allowed us to make great advances in biomedical research and has even been to space.

Suzanne Harvey – What do men, spider monkeys and wolley monkeys have in common? Hint: it’s all about penises. I’ll be explaining why the study of penile anatomy is in fact all about women…

Hannah Fry – Think you’re not just another sheep? No chance. Let me take you on a nine minute tour of just how foolishly predictable silly humans can be.

Carmen D’Cruz – How to get admin girls interested in science! An illustrated guide.

Rosie Wilby – I will present an excerpt of my sellout show The Science Of Sex investigating sexual attraction, the history of sex research, what makes us gay or straight and more… with spoof experiments and handmade props and diagrams.

Dido Green – ‘The Magic of Movement’ – Integrating Magic Hand tricks into intensive motor therapy, alongside neuroimaging and neurophysicology protocols for children with hemiplegia, is providing important insights into how children acquire bimanual skills, and transform into young magicians.


ME! – Inspired by my inexplicable invitation to be part of the Royal Institution’s online advent calendar where loads of famous people and I shared our favourite elements with the world, I’ll be further justifying why I think mine is better than yours, and chemistry is better than everything.

As always, entry to our gig is free however we will be collecting for a charity on the night. This month, we have chosen a charity that one of our Science Showoff alumni, and total superstar, Farrah Nazir volunteered at last year; Namaste Children’s Homes Nepal. A little money goes such a long way for those kids, as she saw first hand when she travelled out there. We suggest a donation of £5, however anything that you can give, whether more or less, will make a huge difference to this small charity. I know that January is a tough month – I too have spent a fortune on presents – so how about you get a tenner out right now, hide it behind your Nectar card (you won’t need that now anyway, all the turkys have sold out!), and forget about it until 15th January. That way, you can donate a fiver and have at least a pint and a half to reward yourselves for making it through the first two weeks of January unscathed.


See you in the new year, and thank you all for being a hugely important part of Science Showoff in 2012. We love you all x


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