February 5th gig at the Wilmington Arms – LINEUP ANNOUNCED

It’s about to be February! OMG you need to either get those flowers and chocolates ordered NOW or you need to get out there and find someone to order flowers and chocolate for NOW or you need to think seriously about getting some cats or building a robot companion or a puppet son with a long nose NOW. Because at some point soon it will be Valentine’s Day and you DON’T WANT TO SCREW IT UP AGAIN THIS YEAR.

Take a break from worrying about whether you’ll die alone. Come and see ten amazing communicators of science doing weird and wonderful things at the Wilmo.

This month’s Science Showoff is on February 5th at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 4RL. Doors are 7pm. The gig is free to get in, but we will be collecting money for Child Soldiers International (they are anti- rather than pro- children being soldiers, despite the ambiguous name) and we suggest a donation of £5 each. Give more and we will show you the respect due to a man or woman of your means and generosity. Suze Kundu and friends will be on the door, and they KNOW if you’re giving £2 despite being the heir to a massive family fortune and will treat you accordingly.

Tonight the stage will be full of compere Steve Cross,  who knows more about Valentine’s Day failures than you can possibly imagine, and these brilliant acts:

Hayley Frend – “Martial Science. I will be explaining the science behind how martial artists generate power. Accompanied by lots of kicking punching and breaking (wood, hopefully not bones!!)”.

Ellie Cosgrave – “Porcelain Diaries. I have an unsavoury obsession with toilets- join me on a light hearted look at one of the most ubiquitous and liberating pieces of infrastructure around.”

Gregory Akerman – “William Sharp’s career took him from Archbishop, to scientist to mystic in a life time spanning little over 90 years. Sharp is credited with being the first science teacher and being single handedly responsible for putting science on the national curriculum, and less than 10 years later, Sharp became a staunch advocate of Homeopathy, writing over 60 papers which strengthened and created a lot of myths that today’s science is fighting to dispel – all of this will be covered in just 9 minutes, using tremendous leaps of logic, libellous assumptions and jokes”

Laura Emson – “So Are You A ‘Slut’ or a ‘Saint’?. Non-gender specific, non-judgemental look at whether the number of people you’ve slept with is a basis for being labelled whether positively or negatively. You’ll be given a chance to work out your slut coefficient in a live action calculation without having to reveal your ‘number'”

Oliver Marsh – “Science going wrong in the media, scientists being stereotyped as supremely unsexy, scientists and religion getting at each others’ throats – all very big issues indeed. I’ll be sorting them out for you.”

Matt Wall – “I’ll be talking about how (not) to present serious science for a TV audience, with particular reference to the Drugs Live show, broadcast by Channel 4 last year.”

Simon Caine – “Will be covering facts, statistics & hypothetical cats. There will be jokes, puns and maybe some audience interaction.”

Oliver Broadbent – “I will be attempting a world tour of structural engineering, accompanied by a mystery instrument (so mystery that even I am not even sure what it is yet)”

Helen Moore – “Two-headed glowing fish and the craziness of a PhD studying clocks in brains’. They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, in this talk I’ll be discussing a history of brain transplants and taking a light hearted look at my PhD studying body clocks in zebrafish.”

Nick Dent – “Still No Cure For Cancer: A look at ‘pointless’ science. Should we be dedicating all our resources to overcoming mankinds immediate problems? Or maybe it isn’t so pointless at after all…”

See you there! Doors 7pm. Seats all gone by 7.15! Gig starts 7.30 and ends at 10.00. The Wilmington Arms serve an award-winning selection of drinks and food.


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