Green Showoff – A new idea on February 21st

A new departure from the Showoff network, Green Showoff is a new anarchic variety night for people with something to say about green issues: activists, scientists, policy wonks, students, hippies, green businesspeople, journalists, comedians, artists and general grumpypants.

It’s happening at The Star of Kings on York Way in London (just a couple of doors up from Kings Place) on February 21st at 7pm.

Join compere Steve Cross and ten fantastic communicators for a night of cheering up about being green.

Doors are 7pm, and the gig is free to get in. We’ll be collecting for Camley Street Nature Reserve (the nearest bit of green to the venue) though, and we suggest donations of £5 each.

Acts include:

Alice Bell – “Who remembers the Blue Peter Green Book? What about Captain Planet? He’s a hero, going to bring pollution down to zero… Or, more recently, Micheal Recycle, “super scientist” Max Axiom or the Eden Project’s “George” (who “Saves the World by Lunchtime”)? Dive into my collection of kids eco literature, from the early 1990s to the late 00s, and wonder why we keep putting superheroes in the stories we tell young people about the environment.”

Martin Zaltz Austwick is “the most brilliant acoustic performer no money can buy”, and has written a lovely song from the point of view of the oldest tree in the world, as well as awesome tunes about snails, horses and an album about plankton from the ocean floor which works like herbal viagra. You can hear his music at

Anne Schulthess – “This is not a rant, it’s a confession. Rambling musings on the trials, tribulations and guilt of being a “do-good-aholic” from a life-long greenie, eco, bleeding heart liberal.”

Joe Flatman – “The words ‘Climate Change’ conjour up images of polar bears stranded on icefloes – an emotive but ultimately distant problem. But there is a climate change impact that is much closer to home and which is happening now. Using ten examples from around the world, Joe Flatman will show how the historic environment is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ of climate change, and that the climate clock has been ticking for a long while in this effect.”

Andrew Tobert – “I was arrested at Southend airport, and subsequently put on the domestic extremist list.” A (humorous) presentation about activism, the consequences of it, but why it’s so important.”

Sarah Bell – “The great green leap forward we have all been waiting for is happening now in our gutters. I will be talking about drainage and why every good citizen should pay more attention to where their water comes from and goes to. The revolution is just a green roof away”

Matthew Winning – “This Environmental Economist will take a hilarious, light-hearted look at the science and policy of climate change.”

Lucy Gilliam – “Having crossed the Atlantic and back, trading goods via sail and connecting slow food communities, the New Dawn Traders are spearheading a revival of shipping under sail and telling the story of sustainable shipping. ”

David Benque – “The New Weathermen is a speculative design project looking at the environmental movement’s relationship with science and technology, and more specifically biology. The project is currently in development, and uses a fictional group of activists to trigger discussions about techno-progressivism gone rogue.”

Kate Jones – Bats, people, citizen science and taking part.


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