SCIENCE SHOWOFF 2.6 – March 5th, Wilmington Arms

Ah, spring. Spring spring spring. Springy old spring. It’s here again.

The coats are getting shorter and the grass is getting longer and Science Showoff have ten amazing acts to share with you. Our next gig is Tuesday March 5th 2013 at the Wilmington Arms (that’s EC1R 4RL, GPS fans!). Doors are 7pm, and entry is free BUT we do much prefer it if you make a donation (we suggest £5) on the door to our charity of the month, which is Coram’s Fields, who help children and young people just around the corner from the Wilmington Arms.

Those providing the science meets cabaret meets open mic meets mixed media madness are:

Steve Cross – MC and pain in the arse.

Catherine Loveday
 – Why is it that music has the power to make us cry, make us dance or lure us into a warm embrace? I will be talking about what rock n roll and Mozart have in common with chocolate cake and sex, as well as explaining why chickens like listening to Pink Floyd.

Helen Keen
 – I will ask whether alien intelligences have been watching us throughout history – and talk about some of the evidence for this (but not in a David Icke-y way).

Leun Otten
 – I can read your mind! I will show how brain activity can predict someone’s next move – and thoughts to boot. You’ll never lose a game of Slaps again.

Sophie Meekings
 – I’ll be demonstrating how I can use the arcane powers of language science to control your mind and your voice.

Holly Rogers
 – Why don’t superheroes lead double lives as researchers, and why are all scientists evil? I will be talking about why the comic book world needs more STEM outreach.

Bryony Frost
 – I’ll be trying to recreate the beginning of our Universe with LEGO, showing how the particles created in the Big Bang combined to create everything around us today.

Laura Emson – ‘So Are You A ‘Slut’ or a ‘Saint’?’. Non-gender specific, non-judgemental look at whether the number of people you’ve slept with is a basis for being labelled whether positively or negatively. You’ll be given a chance to work out your slut coefficient in a live action calculation without having to reveal your ‘number’

Theo Blossom
 – How to immortalise yourself in the scientific scriptures of the Natural History Museum – if you can’t get published you can always worm your way in somehow…

Matt Pritchard – I’ll be demonstrating how a magician can exploit and deceive the human mind. From simple science stunts to Jedi mind tricks.

Karl Byrne – Although he no longer spends his days in a virus lab, he still loves the little horrors and he’s going to share some of that love with you (not as messy as it sounds…)


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