Brains Showoff, 2nd and 3rd March 2013, at the Barbican Weekender: Brain Waves

Like brains? Well you’re in luck, as the people behind Science Showoff have decided that it is time to get BRAINY!


Join us at the Barbican Centre at midday on the 2nd and 3rd of March for our first Brains Showoff as part of the Barbican Weekender: Brain Waves! We will be doing two shows over the Weekender; one on Saturday 2nd March and one on Sunday 3rd March, both at midday, both on the FreeStage at the Barbican, both of which are going to be EXCELLENT!


Both shows will be compered by Suze Kundu, who will be joining you on your journey of brain-based discovery. As she is no expert on brains herself, she will luckily be joined by some amazing performers across the two days that are brainy about brains!


On Saturday 2nd March our performers are:

Martin Coath – Have ever wondered what you would see if you looked at a thought through a microscope? We are going to turn the magnification up, and up, and up, until …  Well OK, we don’t have a brain, or a microscope, but we do have people, and together we can devise a 9 minute piece of performance art entitled “I Think, Therefore I Make a Mess With Confetti”.

Ginny Smith – Are you paying attention? Ginny Smith will show you that you may not
notice as much of what goes on around you as you think you do.

Matt Wall – I will be talking about the very early history of studying brain activity in humans, and comparing it with modern techniques. I will also be attempting to measure the brain activity of a volunteer live on stage, using items you can probably find in your kitchen.

Nicole Slavin – How do you solve a problem like aphasia? Find out what Robbie Coltrane, Whoopie Goldberg, Julie Andrews and stroke patients from Essex have in common and why learning from brain damage can still trump high tech.

And on Sunday 3rd March we are joined by:

Keir Shiels – I’ll be talking about hardwiring / softwiring of the visual system, including the neuropsychology of Stroop, Thatcher and synaesthesia.

Liam Hogan – If American politicians could predict the future of scientific research into brains, what would the mice talk about? A short, and admittedly not particular scientific, story.

Lizzie Crouch – I’ll be talking about the hidden maps in your brain, and demonstrating these using some very lucky audience members!

Oliver Meech – Magic meets Neuropsychology, aka The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Top Hat. I’ll illustrate bizarre neurological conditions using cunningly concealed magical methods.


Entry to the gig is free, and the shows will last an hour each. There are lots of other events going on over the weekend at the Barbican, so come along, bring your friends and families, learn some interesting facts, see some amazing demonstrations, and definitely come and say hello!



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