Geek Showoff 2 – March 26th, Black Heart, Camden.

Sometimes it’s good to talk about something other than science. It’s good to pack away psychology and cosmology and geology for a while and dig into some other things.

Geek* Showoff 2 will help you do exactly that. We’ve taken the Showoff format, and tweaked it to let loads of minds share something other than science, and to fill your heads up with incredibly entertaining trivia. On Tuesday 26th March we’ll take over the venue upstairs at the Black Heart in Camden (home of comedy nerdout Specialist Subject and here) for a night of hilarious thinking in aid of the VERY IMPORTANT CHARITY Arts Emergency (we suggest that you donate £5 or more on the door to this very good cause).

The acts keeping you on the edge of your seat will be:

Compere Steve Cross, who will be revealing that even stunningly attractive, erudite, refined, intelligent, cosmopolitan, self-effacing guys enjoy a terrible George Lucas spinoff once in a while.

Cat Rogers will explain why her favourite Opera is the best opera and anyone who doesn’t agree is WRONG.

Lauren Geisler – Why I Love William Morris So Much And Why He Was So Brilliant And Why I Am Exactly But Not Quite Like Him

Marc Burrows – It’s a family drama, an action epic, a comedy, a treatise on the nature of the Divine in a Godless universe, and It’s got a fan-dance strip-tease scene. IN SPACE. The most insane, far reaching, sexually charged, and moving film of 1989,’ Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ is fully dissected, celebrated and debunked as 107 minutes of prime rib Sci-Fi is packed into just 9 minutes of geeky showing off.

Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe – Ever looked at a pair of shoes and felt a wave of lust wash over you? Welcome to the strange world of paraphilias, where people fall in love with anything from a bannister to the Eiffel Tower.

Dawn Foster – Dawn misread the name of the show as “Greek Showoff”, so will be talking about Greece, politics, the fallibility of humans and why we should instead be ruled by robots

Stephen Thomas – As a 25 year old male who owns every single Animated Classic, I’d be looking to dissect what makes a ‘classic’ Disney film. I’d also throw in the age old questions of whether every major character in Beauty and the Beast is gay, and if the Lion King films are the greatest Shakespearean trilogy known to man.

Eva Amsen will show you how (and why) she turned a Dr Who sonic screwdriver into an iPad stylus.

James W Smith likes to walk. Occasionally those walks can be boring. How does he jazz some of them up? Why, with saliva, of course!

Sally Evans – Let me introduce you to The Church of Henson. Featuring the gospel according to Beaker, why Kermit is the Messiah and the battle against Evil* they face. *Ricky Gervais

Helen Zaltzman – Helen Zaltzman is one half of the Sony Award-winning podcast Answer Me This!. She is an ‘internet expert’ on BBC 5 Live and created the world’s first giant inflatable Boggle set.

The doors will open at 7pm. Do come along for acts that will change your life, and donate to a charity that will help change other people’s lives too.

* = “geek” as we all know is not synonymous with “scientist”, “science fan” or “member of the UK science industry” and should not be used as such.

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