Science Showoff 2.7, Tuesday 2nd April. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Hooray! Hot Cross Buns for everyone!

Hot Cross Buns and chocolate eggs and creme eggs and mini eggs and chocolate bunnies and tiny chocolate teddies and sugar mice and I think I might feel a little sick now and I think I might need Easter to stop so that we can get on with science.

Science Showoff is BACK at the Wilmington Arms on Tuesday 2nd April to SHAKE you all out of your holiday slumbers. And what a cracking lineup we have for you.

There’s Steve Cross, compere, lactose-intolerant Easter-refusenik and satirist (he would like to think) of science.

Joining him are:

Elaine Chew – “If you are the sort of person who regularly despairs at other people’s stupidity, this one’s for you. I will be exploring whether there are limits to the brain function of the young and the old (probably badly because I know nothing about brains).”

Alisa Anokhina – “Morbid poetry inspired by the dark, twisting pathways of the human mind; absolutely no discussion of statistical analyses. Well, maybe a little bit.”

Amy Birch will be talking about Pint of Science, an exciting new science festival in May coming to a pub near you. If you like science and pubs (who doesn’t?) then you won’t want to miss it.

Kathryn Harkup – “Some early experiments with electricity are stranger than fiction. I’ll be looking at how resurrectionists and frog torturers may have influenced Mary Shelley when she wrote the first science fiction book – Frankenstein.”

Katie Alcock – “When you’re a new parent, you’re bombarded with information and advice, but is any of it based on actual scientific evidence? I’m going to sift the wheat from the chaff, with the help of Maggie Simpson.”

Chris Douce – “Do you have those days all your electronic devices seem to conspire together to make your life difficult? Chris Douce is going to be talking about interaction design, the process of trying to make stuff easy to use. The thing is, making stuff that is easy is actually pretty difficult.”

Tiphaine Bardon – “Learn more about what is “heritage science” through an (almost) realistic case study: something terrible happened to the Mona Lisa and the experts from the CSH (Centre for Sustainable Heritage) will investigate the case…”

Ronald Stewart – “I am offering a slightly biased answer to the question: “What is statistics?”, or how best to count German tanks.”

AND Suze Kundu

AND Lewis Dean

The gig is at the Wilmington Arms (that’s EC1R 4RL for fans of Google Maps), with the doors opening at 7pm. The gig is free to get in, but we will be collecting on the door for our charity of the month, which is the Islington Arts Factory (amazing new website alert!) who make dance and other artforms accessible to a really wide range of people. As ever we suggest you donate £5 (or more if you like the show).

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