Science Showoff Bristol 3: May 23rd, Grain Barge

Hello Bristol! City of water and weirdly painted houses, of frightening areas with “St.” in their name and of two football teams, neither of them any good.

We’re coming back, and ten of your most amazingly talented communicators of science will be taking to the stage to share the latest weird and wonderful stuff that has started to float their boats (because of the rivers and the port and DO YOU GET IT, BRISTOL?).

Join us on the Grain Barge (that’s here at 7pm (doors time) for the following incredible acts:

Steve Cross our regular compere will be keeping things to time, making puns about elements and trolling those weird science-y folk who have never heard of jokes.

Mark Lewney straps on his physics-pimped Ibanez guitar to present his six-minute version of science TV flagship Horizons. Things can only get meta.

Becky Holmes – A brand new set combining my two passions in life – Science and FIREMEN! Sure to be smoking hot, I’ll explore the science of fireman’s helmets, do they actually need that uniform and maybe set fire to something in the hope one turns up.

Neil Jerome – The problem with (scientific) faith – are you are true scientist, or a true believer? a few one-liners about statistical uncertainty quickly descends into a rant about the use of cycle helmets, and the infamous ‘jesus toastie’.

Emily Coyte and Audrey Nailor – We’ll be talking about the science of memetics and how it’s so much more than a penguin who can’t talk to girls or a grumpy cat.

Ceri Wyn-Thomas – Ecdysis: One woman’s intimate relationship with stripping off’. I’m going to be explaining my fascination with how arthropods grow using a heady mixture of comedy and science. Huzzah!

Karl Byrne – I will be talking about the world’s longest running scientific experiments. It’s going to be a nail biting thrillfest from start to finish.

Matthew Tosh – Burning money, nose bot fly paranoia, helicopters and injuries. Real science or just a load of tosh?

Ross Exton – MegaAnimal: Humans are rubbish animals. Awful in fact. So, if you replaced our worst bits with the best bits of other creatures, what would it look like?

Joe Wright – The Cell, the basic unit of life has been described as the first great idea in Biology. I shall be demonstrating the key observations that developed cell theory using a microscope from Argos.

Bonnie Buckley – Can you make an alligator smile? I’ll be talking about the state reptile of Louisiana including some fun facts and personal experiences.

Entry to the gig is free, but we will be collecting on the door for our charity of the month, which is Bristol Rape Crisis ( We suggest a donation of £5, but you can always give more.

See you there!


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