June 4th SCIENCE SHOWOFF 2.9 – Last at the Wilmington Arms

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.” – R.E.M.

This is going to be the last Science Showoff at the Wilmington Arms. It’s a sad time, but it’s also a very very exciting time. We’re going to a new venue (details to be announced soon), we’ve got a summer of touring gigs lined up and two dates in the diary for the Bloomsbury Theatre in the next year.

So don’t be unhappy, revel in this specially-curated* lineup featuring many of the people who have made Showoff the era-defining, world-changing, career-making event it is. We’ve gone right back to our first gig for some of these acts who have rocked our world and yours at the Wilmington over the last two years.

Steve Cross (Science Showoff periodic Table element 1) will compere with some of his greatest hits written for the Wilmington Arms stage. There will be one mention of Michael Faraday. Joining him will be:

Chiara Ambrosio (element 2), historian and philosopher of art and science.

Suze Kundu (element 15), chemist, boozer and sparkler of many delights.

Oli Broadbent (element 18), engineer, breaker of things, flirter with disaster.

Tom Whyntie (element 24), physicist, Feynman-lover and funnyman thinker.

Simon Watt (element 43), animal-lover (not like that), environmentalist and joke-maker.

Helen Clarkson (element 47), forensic anthropologist and beloved sound engineer.

Helen Arney (element 48), singer, songwriter, sun-satirist.

Sophie Scott (element 53), neuroscientist, dazzling shoe-owner, laughter analyst.

Dan Schreiber (element 74), bespectacled funnyperson, broadcaster, raconteur.

Elise Bramich (element 80), counter of things that are hard to count, maths brain, international supermodel.

This gig will be at the Wilmington Arms, 69, Rosebery Ave, London, EC1R 4RL. Doors are at 7pm. The gig will be free to get in, but we will be collecting on the door for the first charity we ever collected for at the Wilmington Arms, the Holborn Community Association. We suggest a donation of £5 each.

* = ‘curated’ misused to wind up Museums Showoff 


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