Science Showoff Cardiff 2 – July 2nd. SIGNUP NOW TO PERFORM

Hello Wales!

We’re coming back to you! After our crashing, smashing debut at the inaugural Cardiff Science Festival last year we’re back.

It’s thanks to the amazing Society for Applied Microbiology that we’re coming back to see you. They’re going to be in town at the same time, and will supply three icky microbe-y acts for the gig. Now we need six brilliant local communicators of science to join us on stage for an anarchic cabaret evening that looks at science and technology and engineering (and begrudgingly maths). You get 9 minutes to do ANYTHING about ANY KIND OF SCIENCE.

This gig will be at the Moon Club, which is here: Doors will be at 7pm and we’ll need you until about 10pm. The gig will be free entry and will raise money for a local charity, so no-one gets paid.

Want to know what kinds of thing you might do? Well, have a look here.

Here’s the link to sign up. Just tick one of the slots (A-F or a Reserve slot) and leave us a comment to tell us what you’re going to do.

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