Science Showoff at the Royal Society – July 5th!

To be honest I was thinking that it’s about time we got some gravitas.

So gravitas it is. The anarchic science cabaret chaos that is Science Showoff is about to roll into the Royal Society, the UK’s most august venue, where the bigwigs of science thrash out all the big questions. And enjoy some excellent catering on the side. I’ve eaten their biscuits, and I must tell you they are top-notch.

We’re performing as part of the Summer Science Exhibition, where groups of researchers from all over the country entertain thousands of people with their work. And we’re the Friday night (July 5th), so it is PARTY TIME (there will be a bar).

Full details of how to get to the gig are here: We’re in a marquee out the back of the building (so that Steve’s grating voice doesn’t strip the paint off the walls of the RS itself), with the doors opening at 6.30pm. You need to go through the building (and some of the excellent exhibition) to get to us. It’s free to come to the gig but we’ll be collecting for charity on the door as usual, in this case the Royal Society’s staff charity for this year, Save the Children. We suggest a donation of a fiver, or £100 for FRSs.

And what a lineup we have:

Steve Cross will be your MC, telling jokes about science and introducing you to all the amazing acts.

Martin Austwick – Martin is a singer-songwriter ordinaire and will be regaling the Royal Society with songs of science, possibly saying he wishes everyone was a robot or talking about smashing up all the computers in the world to make a lovely beach – but every performance is a fresh surprise and you may get something completely different.

Bryony Frost – I’ll be trying to recreate the beginning of our Universe, using the magic combination of stop motion film and LEGO, showing how the particles created in the Big Bang combined to create everything around us today.

Kathryn Harkup – Does your partner ask a lot of questions about life insurance? Do you have a rich relative tenaciously clinging to life? In 9 minutes I’ll tell you everything you ever needed to know about inheritance powder, better known as arsenic.

Alice Bell – Scientists of the world unite! Take a trip through the archives of the British Society for Social Responsibility and discover how their radical approach to science policy makes the clenched worker’s fist on the cover of last year’s Geek Manifesto look like a slightly tattered Che Guevara T-shirt in comparison.

Michael Conterio – How can the fundamental physics of the universe help keep your secrets secret? Michael Conterio explains how using tiny amounts of light allows you to send secret messages that no-one can eavesdrop on.

Oliver Marsh – Science and The Media haven’t been getting on recently. I’ll be getting them to hug and make up.

Suze Kundu – Reluctantly cheerleading for carbon.

Lizzie Crouch – I’m going to be talking about the hidden maps in your brain with audience participation and awesome (well sort-of) props!

Plus James Meadway, whose set details will appear here shortly.

See you there!

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