Science Showoff Cardiff 2 – July 2nd – LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Is there anything better than visiting another country, finding out about locals culture and customs, and trying the strange and wonderful food and drink? No. There is not.


On July 2nd join us at the Moon Club, Womanby Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BR for a chaotic night of science with a lineup made up of the best communicators of science that this amazing city has to offer. We’ve teamed up with the Society for Applied Microbiology for this gig, so look out especially for the bug-themed acts! On the night you’ll see:

Steve Cross – compere, comedian and troublemaker will hold the night together. Kind of. Mostly he’ll just make jokes about the haircuts of famous scientists.

Becky Holmes – A diary of an obsession – Science and FIREMEN! Sure to be smoking hot, I’ll explore the science used by firemen, take a good long look at their uniform and maybe set fire to something in the hope one turns up.

Mark Fielder – Vegetarians vs Carnivores: Do microbes care?? We will look at whether being a vegetarian or a carnivore affects your chances of food poisoning – do the bacteria care? Are they discriminatory with regards to the diet of their host or are they prepared to alter the contents of anyone’s bowel for their own ends??

Dean Burnett – Neuroscientist, comedian and Guardian Blogger Dean Burnett delivers an obscenely detailed analysis of the proliferation of supermodels and the effect of this on society, inspired by an off-hand comment made by a stranger.

Clare Taylor – Clare would like you to join her in celebration of a true, unsung hero of microbiology. This colourful person has made a huge contribution to one particular area of microbiology which is close to Clare’s heart, and so what better way to pay tribute to an ‘eggcellent’ person than to dedicate 9 min in celebration! Join Clare if you dare!

Mia Blundell – Do I know you?  It is thought that up to one in fifty of us have some degree of developmental prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face-blindness.  Between tales of mistaken identity, misplaced beards and facially transmitted disease, Mia will provide a means to help your local prosopagnosic get to know you better.

David Andrew Griffiths – I’m going to be telling an epic and tragic love story: between humans and parasitic worms. There will be some friendly and not so friendly parasitic worms, with related info on health problems and possible medicinal uses.

Helen Lloyd – Triathlon Trials. A vaguely scientific look at what’s happened to my body while I’ve been training for triathlons, with some amusing tales of my woes on the way.

Catherine Tryfona – Raising a toddler is rewarding and terrifying in equal measures.  From Weetabix induced woes to the technicalities of tantrums…I will be going through some top scientific facts to hang on to when chaos rules and logic has left the building.

Rhys Phillips – Radio presenter and mathematician Rhys Phillips has noticed that all pop music sounds the same. He will be using maths to work out many different possible tunes there are and asking why all Scouting for Girls sound the same.

Plus Neil Monteiro. Details of his set will appear here.

Do come along and join us. It’s free to get in, but we’ll be collecting on the door for a local charity and we suggest a donation of £5. Doors will be at 7pm, and the gig should finish at about 10pm.



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