Get Obsessive – GEEK SHOWOFF 3, July 23rd, Black Heart in Camden

Every now and then it’s a good idea to think about something other than science, or you’ll end up growing up into one of those angry men shouting about randomised control trials and “The Scientific Method” whenever anyone asks them a normal question.

For this gig we’ve assembled a crack team of obsessives, to entertain you with weird and wonderful subjects outside the edges of what you’d expect on stage. Join them for a brilliant night of laughter, and travel further into geeks’ psyches than anyone really needs to go. They are:

Steve Cross – MC, glasses-wearer and mega-nerd.

Helen Zaltzman – World-class podcaster, broadcaster and funny person Helen Zaltzman will bring you the latest from her attempts to understand all of humanity through the lense of pointing at them and laughing.

Matt Brown – After eight years editing and writing for Londonist, M@ has a bulging war-chest of local trivia. He’ll tell you five things you didn’t know about London, and four well-known facts about the capital that are nothing but lies

Kristin Hussey – ‘Get the panda skull out of the sink’ and other stories about Ming’. In my talk I’ll be introducing everyone to my latest collection obsession- a dead celebrity panda named Ming. I’ll be doing some panda CSI, re-assembling Ming’s story and her remains…

Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe – La-la-la-la: Vanessa will be exploring your favourite misanthrophic cartoon character, Daria Morgendorffer. As someone who’s watched each episode approximately 52 times she is probably the world’s leading expert in Daria trivia.

Miss L – Ever wondered where the ‘breakdown’ in ‘casting breakdown’ came from? I’ll be looking at the horribly real and really horrible casting calls that actors face on a daily basis.

Clare Nightingale – Clare Nightingale will be Googling the Dead. She will explain how to name your offspring in the best possible way to aid lazy necromancy of the future and how you too can use insomnia efficiently.

Jonathan Wakeham – I’m going to be telling the cautionary tale of Thomas Midgley, the most dangerous man who ever lived.

Steve Lloyd – It’s going to be a world premier. I will be unveiling the geekiest object in the world,and telling the story of its creation.

Dan Schreiber – our  mystery act crawls out from behind the scenes of the Museum of Curiosity to take us into his weird world of geeks.

The gig’s at the Black Heart in Camden, upstairs. It’s free to get in, and we’ll be connecting money on the door for Arts Emergency, a charity who support kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to study and work in the arts. We suggest a donation of £5, but what you give is up to you. Doors are at 7pm, and we should be done at about 10pm.


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