Science Showoff 2.10 – 17th July, The Miller. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

It’s our last London gig of the 2012/3 season, before we take a summer off and ease back in with some Space in September. So come and join one final lineup, donate to one final charity, and get blown away by one final set of amazing sets before you try to get your tan looking right. Get yourself a final dose of anarchic science cabaret goodness and help us reach our fundraising target for the year!

This gig will be at The Miller, near London Bridge Station. We’re upstairs, with doors opening at 7pm. We should be done at 10pm  and don’t worry – there is an intermission in there!

And these are the brave science gladiators who will attempt to get a thumbs-up (or thumbs-down, I can never remember which way round it goes) from you in this new coliseum of cabaret:

Steve Cross – MC, science comedian, mickey-taker and timekeeper.

Lindsay Keith – You make me sick. A former infectious diseases specialist explores our fascination with things that make us go “eurgh”.

Mike Galsworthy – Two parts – firstly a fun short (3.5 min) poem called “the shrew” as I used to research animal behaviour. then the second part will be a relaxed but informative talk (humorous, I hope!) about open data – why it’s so important to science and how it is starting to happen.

Gavin Hesketh – I’ll tell a classic tale of progress in the face of adversity. A beautiful collaboration with the animal kingdom turned nasty when armies of racoons, snakes, molluscs and time travelling pigeons tried to sabotage the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Neil Jerome – A rant on the difficulty of not letting facts get in the way of your conclusions. Feynman, the virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich, and the dirty history of cycle helmet research.

Chella Quint – Chella Quint is a fan of outer space, and will be reading from her comedy fanzine: It’s Not You, I Just Need Space. Interplanetary Letters of Love and Rejection. She’ll trade you a copy of her zine and some flying saucers for a space-themed mixtape (or anything else that defies the laws of space and time)!

Drew Buddie – “Go your own way” An exploration of how Fighting Fantasy and slideshow software in the classroom can be used to kill, but not through Death by Powerpoint.”

Gregory Akerman – Edmund Haley invented the comet that killed mark twain and that was great, but he also was a stringent advocate of the hollow earth theory. I shall discuss his theory, and how it has helped/hindered both science and, more importantly, science fiction.

Phil Dooley – Why Grass should be purple – a sciencey fairytale. How a Prince found love through physics…

Sarah Castell – What do you think the biggest challenges are for science in the next 15 years? Sarah Castell spends her life asking the public about this. Tonight, with just a guitar, a flip chart, and audience participation, she will bring to life the future of science in (quite) glorious harmony.

Punk Science – The Fast and the Spurious:  Pop Quiz hotshots, do you feel the need? The need for speed! Join Punk Science as they take you on a comical journey into the science of speed. We also promise they’ll be no more tenuous speed related film references in the show…well maybe a couple.

The gig is free to get in, but we will be collecting money on the door for charity. We suggest a donation of £5.

See you there!


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