Science Showoff Bristol 4 – July 25th LINEUP ANNOUNCED

Oh yes Bristol.

You couldn’t wait to get a bit more, could you?

So, you know what? HERE’S SOME MORE FOR YOU.

On Thursday July 25th we’ll be back at the Grain Barge, the boat with the best PE system for miles, for some more chaotic science cabaret treats. This is the last gig of our 2012/3 season, so do come along and help us round off in style.

Doors are at 7pm, and the following science maestros will be on hand to entertain you:

Steve Cross, compere, troublemaker, Londoner.

Bonnie Buckley – From formation to touchdown, I’ll be exploring the science of tornadoes and taking a look back at some record-breaking storms. You’ll leave the boat knowing just what to do if a twister comes your way.

Ross Exton – The science of pain. What is pain? Can we measure it? And what does an ant sting have in common with being stapled in the face?

Seamus Foley – It’s about how digital video cameras exploit the limitations of the human visual system in order to produce a moving image. It will include clips of kittens being objectively adorable.

Ceri-Wyn Thomas – Up, up and away: I’m going to be talking about taking a dump in space. It is going to be arse-clenchingly good fun.

Becky Brooks – I will be talking about alcohol – trivia and our weird love of fermentation. And how it all supposedly started with a drunken monkey.

Thomas Curry – You and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals (and other animals)

Jenny Slaughter – Chillis, a chemical weapon, strong enough to deter elephants, which double up as a source of vitamin C and help prevent infections. We’ll explore the chemistry behind these fiery little packages, which just might get you addicted to the heat.

Audrey Nailor – SCIENTISTS! Are they the good guys? The bad guys? The mad guys? The first to be eaten by DINOSAURS? And what’s with all the beakers full of colorful liquid? In order to find out the truth about these strange and elusive creatures * I have spent the past five years of my life among them, learning their mysterious ways and learning to kill fish with my bare hands – and I will share my findings with you all. *Scientists. Not dinosaurs.


Do come and join us for what promises to be another amazing gig. Entry will be free (as usual), but we’ll be collecting on the door for the Young Mothers Group Trust who do great work to support mothers in Bristol. We suggest donations of a fiver.

See you at the gig!

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