Science Showoff Manchester 1: MOSI, October 25th – SIGN UP TO PERFORM


Season 2 is barely over. We haven’t even added up all the money yet, let alone calmed down and recovered. We’re tired.

But Season 3 is winding up already! Would you like 9 minutes to perform at the world-famous Manchester Science Festival (universally recognised as England’s best Science Festival) alongside some amazing communicators of science? Grab yourself a slot now via this Doodle link:

You can perform in any style you like, about any kind of science you want. You might tell jokes, sing songs, play excerpts from your radio work, read poems, do science demos, LITERALLY ANYTHING. But it has to fit on a stage. And take 9 minutes or less.

For this gig we’re giving priority to performers based in the North-West of England, because we’ve never gigged in the area before. If you’re from elsewhere but plan to be in Manchester that week anyway do sign up as a reserve and we’ll try to fit you in.

The gig is on the evening of Friday October 25th at the Museum of Science and Industry and no acts will be paid (proceeds all going to charity – we don’t get paid either), as is normal for us.

Quick! Sign up! Be part of making science a big, anarchic, hilarious mess of brilliance.

ps While you’re at it, why not grab some tickets for Space Showoff in London on September 12th?

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