Space Showoff – Bloomsbury Theatre, September 12th – LINEUP ANNOUNCED

They say that space is big. Really big. But is it as big as our INCREDIBLE lineup for Space Showoff on September 12th?

Maybe you’ll have to come along and decide for yourself.

Space Showoff will be launching from the Bloomsbury Theatre at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 (£7 concessions).


It’s all part of the Festival of the Planets, and there are loads of other space based fun going all all September.

Steve Cross – MC, will be keeping everything in orbit and giving the definitive answer as to which planet really is the best

Maggie Aderin-Pocock – What Have the Planets Ever Done for Us. I will explore how the space out there is giving us an understanding of challenges we are facing down here.

Helen Keen – star of Spacetacular! and all around comic space genius

Brendan Owens – Forbidden Physics: An Astronomer Strikes Back. I’ll be taking some classic science fiction scenarios, turning them upside down and giving them a good shake to see what (if any) science fact falls out.

Pete Grindrod – Rockets, rovers, poo and many mind-blowing images – basically a whistle-stop tour of how and why we explore space.

Steve Fossey – I will marvel and be amazed at the huge number and variety of planets that have been discovered lurking around other stars in the Milky Way. But hardly any of these exoplanets can be seen directly – so how do we know they are really there? How can we tell what they’re like? I’ll relate a tale of exploiting sleep-deprived students to hunt for bathtubs in North London in a quest to understand some of these weird exoplanets – and even, perchance, to discover a planet I can call my own.

Yael Naze – Will be getting to the roots of sweet Europe and going into the red district

Natasha Stephen – Will be marvelling at Martian Meteors

Chella Quint – I’ll be reporting the latest space news through the medium of correspondence in It’s Not You, I Just Need Space: Interplanetary Letters of Love and Rejection.

Athena Coustenis – From the land of Greece to Titan’s icy surface
or how a woman, coming from Greece, became an astronomer and wormed her way to a French lab and survived

Megan Whewell – It’s obvious that being an astronaut is a job unlike any other, but how strange can it be? Discover some of the most unexpected things that happen on the International Space Station.

All moneys will be going to the Lightyear Foundation who take science to schoolchildren across the world who might otherwise not get a chance to take part.

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