Science Showoff with SpotOn London – November 8th. SIGNUP NOW.

I LOVE computers. I love all the things you can do online, from winding up physicists to winding up chemists and from making jokes about biology to making jokes about geology. I’m sure that online tools can be used for non-trolling purposes, but I’ve never really discovered what they are.

But wow! What is this? An entire meeting about the ways in which science can use online tools for outreach, policy, sharing data, collaborating and so on? I guess what it needs is a bunch of people having fun on a stage in the middle, communicating science the old-fashioned way; Drunk. So in steps the mighty Science Showoff for a gig in a lovely pub with an amazing audience.

We’re currently looking for five performers who are attending SpotOn London 2013 to perform 9-minute sets, communicating any kind of science in any way at all. You could:

Show a film you just made
Try out a new demo
Practice a new science comedy set
Tell us about your new discovery
Perform an 9-minute play about science
Play your new song about protons
Tell us what you’ve been up to
Predict the future
Give us a taster of your science-themed Edinburgh show
Read us your latest science poem
Try out a bit of a new science lesson on us
Play us a short radio documentary
Experiment on the crowd
Read us a blogpost
Perform an interpretive dance about science

Or anything else…

The gig is at the Star of Kings on York Way in London, a short walk from the conference venue (turn left out of the BL, walk down Euston Road, turn left after Kings Cross and stay on the left fork). Doors will be at 7pm, with the gig running until 10pm (with an intermission).

You can find out more about how Science Showoff works here

And sign up to perform here

Note for regular Showoff fans – this is the only London Science Showoff in November. Do come along and see some fantastic talent from outside the capital perform alongside five of your favourites.


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