Science Showoff Bristol 4 – Nov 21st, Grain Barge. SIGN UP NOW OPEN


Science Showoff, the chaotic night of science cabaret in a boat on the river Bristol (that is the river that Bristol is on, right?) is happening all over again on November 21st! We’re looking for people from right across science to come and share some fun things on stage. We want you! Whatever you do!

But what can you expect?

1 debonair compere beyond compare. Well, Steve Cross. Will he do?

10 communicators of science from across the South-West of England. We’re looking for scientists, teachers, science fans, musicians, comedians, historians, museum staff, poets,  hell ANYONE WITH ANY KIND OF PERFORMANCE ABOUT ANY KIND OF SCIENCE. They get 9 minutes each to wow our audience of lovely folk.

80 (ish) lovely audience folk from right across the South-West, out for a fun night out (they’re not like a nasty heckling comedy crowd, they’re amazing).

Some of you will have performed at Science Showoff before. That’s cool, and you can do it again as long as you do a new performance. Lots of you have never performed with us, in which case SIGN UP! You can work out exactly what you’re going to do later. I must emphasise that the crowd are LOVELY and LOVING and that you will have AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE if you do the gig.


The gig runs from 7.30-10.00pm, and we’ll need performers to turn up before 7pm and not to disappear straight after their own performance (this is about building a community as well as letting you show off). You can grab a slot to perform here:

Two other things: Would any of you like to volunteer to collect charity donations on the door for us? And what local charity should we donate money to? Tweet @scienceshowoff with ideas!

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