Science Showoff with SpotOn London, Nov 8th, Star of Kings. LINEUP ANNOUNCED

What happens when you put cutting edge digital science experts together with chaotic anarchists determined to change the communication of science forever with jokes? This happens.

On November 8th we take over the basement of the Star of Kings on York Way in London (it’s just over the canal from Kings Cross and Kings Place, postcode N1 0AX) from 7pm (doors time) for a gig that brings together delegates from SpotOn 2013 (where the online science glitterati mingle) and some of the best science communication talent London has to offer. The gig is free to get in, but we will be collecting on the door for local women’s drop-in centre Women At The Well ( and we suggest a donation of £5.

“But what entertainment could you possible offer a jaded online science user like myself?” you ask. “What could possibly compare to idly flicking through my Twitter feed and occasionally favouriting things for an evening?”. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED FOR WE HAVE:

Steve Cross – Your MC. Comedian and the contrarian’s contrarian. Wait, the opposite of that. Troller of boring self-important science wherever he sees it.

Dean Burnett – Dean Burnett will look into the validity of an old fashioned stereotype and investigate whether or not scientists can tell jokes. Can a qualified scientist effectively tell traditional, classical jokes, or is there something inherent feature that makes it impossible?

Suzi Gage – Suzi will be playing a couple of science-themed songs, about being led by her brain chemistry, to a slight mangling of a classic hymn.

Hannah Fry – What do oversized ants, Mo Farah and a group of inventors have in common? The honest answer is “almost nothing” but watch in awe as Hannah tenuously attempts to link the three.

Elise Bramich – How to make a ghost using science.

Zoe Cunningham – Zoe Cunningham take a look at the technology of time and pontificates on how it could help us to predict the future of communication.

Tríona O’Connell – Chocolate Mayonaise (Chantilly chocolate if you’re posh). Besides being tasty, chocolate and mayonaise have quite a few properties in common. By using her knowledge of Science and what food is made from, Tríona will demonstrate making a chocolate “mayo” live on stage (we promise it’s less gross than it sounds).

Vib Patel – I will be having a chat about how I’ve gone from being a stereotypical scientist to just being someone that works with stereotypical scientists. The aim is to make you laugh, but apologies in advance if I just use it as group therapy…

Sam Veale – “What can we learn from the worlds second oldest toy? A time wasters guide to the Yo-yo and the many scientific (and unscientific) uses of spinning objects.”

Louise Hughes – Are monsters real? If you look down a microscope you will see we are surrounded by real monsters in all of their horrifying and beautiful (depending on perspective) forms. Some fun facts combined with amazing microscopy.

Gerry Howell – Gerry Howell is a stand up comedian. He loves science but doesn’t know much about it. All he knows is the word science comes from the Latin word for knowledge. So Gerry knows about knowledge but he doesn’t know knowledge. Or does he?

See you at the gig!


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