Science Showoff Bristol 4, Nov 21st. LINEUP ANNOUNCED.

People of the South West of England! Lay aside your bottles of cider! Park your tractors! Turn down your “trip-hop” music! Stop playing rugby well and football badly for a moment! We’re coming back for an evening of top-notch science cabaret, to entertain you with knowledge, jokes, music and messing about on a boat in the River Avon (The Grain Barge).

The gig’s on November 21st, with the doors opening at 7pm. We’ll run until about 10pm with an interval, then the bar’s open till 11pm for your drinking needs. Yum!

And which amazing luminaries from the science world will be entertaining you? THESE ONES:

Steve Cross – Your MC, and the man with the shiniest glasses in science. He’ll be messing about with the ideas of science and sharing some weird online science adventures.

Neil Jerome – A short list of life lessons from rodents, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – including “The Case of the Flaming Rat”, “The Most Famous Orchard in Lincolnshire You’ve Never Heard Of”, “Oreos vs. Cocaine”, and “Fighting With Eels”. Expect nudity! Of mole rats.

Jennifer Garrett – I’ll read some poems about nature and taking part in science, including meditating on a bug from a BioBlitz.

Sarah Snell-Pym – My Pet Dinosaurs – from T-rex to scrambled eggs, using textiles and art – it is time to explore the evolution of feathers and take a closer look at an animal we all think we know!

Audrey Nailor – “How to Kill A Fish With Your Bare Hands” – It is a truth universally acknowledged that a scientist in possession of modest career prospects must be in need of a dead baby salmon.

Dickie Pearce – “Perilous property problems? Troublesome truss tears? Wonky walls? Dickie’s Defect Database manages mental money pits. (Disclaimer: Constant alliteration may not be in finished product.)”

Stuart Nolan – IdeoBird, the mind-reading robot pet, detects The Mysterious Ideomotor Response, thought by Ancient Greeks to be the hand of god and by the Victorians to be contact from the spirit world. IdeoBird’s Resonance Based Interface will divine your secret choices, hidden intentions, preferred directions, and buried desires.

Ross Exton – Does your hair curl at the thought of eating crusts? Are gingers mutants? To answer all this and more, I’ll be talking about two of Steve’s favourite things: Chemistry, and my hair.

Becky Brooks – I will be exploring the world of EXTREMOPHILES – supremely well-adapted organisms that can tolerate the craziest of environments.

Will Davies – In Defense of The Wasp : Wasps are one of the mainstays of English annoyance, alongside cold weather, hot weather, and people who talk about weather. So if wasps are so bad, how come nature has devised ways of dealing with wasps that will make your skin crawl more than a buzzing behind your ear?

We’re still looking for 2 more acts if you’re down in the South West and fancy giving us 9 minutes of science. Drop me a line on INFO [AT] for details.

Doors for the gig open at 7pm and entry is free. We will be collecting donations on the door for our charity of the month, HeadWay Bristol, who help support people with brain injuries. The suggested donation is £5.

See you there!


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