Science Showoff Liverpool, Tues Dec 3rd. LINEUP ANNOUNCED.

Hi Liverpool!

Tuesday December 3rd. FACT. Doors 7pm. We’re bring science chaos to you.

So, we finally made it over to Manchester last month and we figured that you might get jealous. And quite right too. After all, you’re just as good as them. Your football clubs may have less money, but they have more meaningful trophies in their cabinets. You might not have produced Joy Division, The Stone Roses and the Smiths, but you produced at least three totally different-sounding bands called The Beatles and Cast as well. Hmm. Maybe let’s not dwell on that.

And now you get your own Science Showoff, this time in partnership with the British Society for Immunology. Come and join us for a night of chaotic open mic-style entertainment with a scientific theme and meet our incredible acts from the local area and wider afield.

The gig is at FACT and will be free to get in (but we will be trying to get you to donate money to our charity for the night, Yellow House, and we suggest donating a fiver).

We aim to get you to laugh, learn, be astounded and feel amazing. And to get you there this time we’ve got these brilliant science people:

Steve Cross – your MC for the evening, and a comedian who knows more about Naked Mole Rats than anyone you know (unless you know an actual naked mole rat expert).

Holly Rogers – Megashark vs Giant Octopus is clearly cinematic genius – but what makes a shark so mega, and do giant octopi really exist? I’ll be looking at the science behind one of the greatest films of the 21st century, probably with a bit of shouting and audience participation.

Mark Coles – Embarrassing bugs and our immune system: tales from the frontiers of immunology .In this comedy sketch I will tell tales from my 20 years in the lab and introduce a few of my more embarrassing friends and scientific bloopers.  Who said working in a lab has to be boring?

Alison Atkin – I see dead people; how I plan to become champion of the most messed-up game of hide and seek ever.

Tom Bishop – I’ll be shedding some light on the evolution of sociality by looking at the diversity of life on Earth from the perspective of ants, time travelling protists, self-sacrificing humans and maybe even Martians.

Dan Davis will present his new book The Compatibility Gene, a global journey of discovery spanning 60 years, involving scores of scientists, and encompassing the history of transplants and immunology – revealing astonishing links between who we are as individuals and our never-ceasing struggle to survive disease. ‘Lab work has rarely been made to seem more interesting or heroic.’ —Bill Bryson, Guardian Books of the Year 2013

Dave Steele – Dave will use comedy and science (scimedy?) to finally answer that age-old question: Which is better; pandas or koalas? (It’s koalas.)

Theo Sanders – I’ll be performing two songs that I wrote which were inspired by my life in science. One tackles the highs and lows associated with (a lack of) scientific achievement, whilst the second gives a serious overview of effector T cell subsets that makes a questionable amounts of sense.

Mark Purver – Pluto: planet? Dwarf planet? Cartoon dog?! I’ll take a look at how Pluto made astronomers realise that they didn’t know what a planet was.

Do join us for an amazing night of science and nonsense. And sense. And non-science.

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