Science Showoff BRISTOL 5 SIGN UP NOW, Jan 23rd, Grain Barge,

It’s a new year (well, it will be a new year by the time that this gig happens. As I write this, it’s 2013. Poxy 2013. I wish it was 2014 and I was doing a gig in lovely Bristol).

ANYWAY IT’S A NEW YEAR and things are getting exciting down in the South-West. 

1. We’re coming back to do another amazing chaotic science gig with you. It’ll be on the evening of January 23rd on the Grain Barge at Hotwells in the River Bristol (the river in Bristol is the River Bristol, right?) .

You should sign up to perform. We have the nicest crowd IN THE WORLD so this is the place to try out something new and science-y, even if you haven’t been on stage before. You could talk, tell jokes, demonstrate, sing songs, show a video, stage a short play or indeed anything at all about any kind of science. Sign up here:

We’re looking for scientists, science teachers, science fans, science communicators, historians and philosophers of science, musicians, science comedians, designers, tech geniuses, engineers, students, mathematicians, medics. And even just science fans. Everyone has something amazing about science to share, surely.

Want to know what the gigs are like? They feel like a comedy gig mixed with a Royal Institution lecture mixed with a party mixed with a science lesson. They’re like being in a great science centre, drunk. They’re super-friendly, and every act we’ve ever had has been very well-received. We’d love to have you.

2. We now have an amazing team of local talent helping out with  gigs in Bristol. These are the people who will talk you into donating money to charity, help you decide to perform and generally make the whole thing brilliant and marvellous. They are Audrey Nailor, Ross Exton, Becky Brooks and Maddy Foard. Say hi! They all own Science Showoff t-shirts. Help run a gig in your home town and you might get one too.

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