Science Showoff Birmingham, Feb 22nd, SIGN UP TO PERFORM

Well, hello Birmingham. 

How are you? I don’t think we’ve met before. We know lots of your friends though, like Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh. Even Bristol. They all say lovely things about you and I’m so glad to finally make your acquaintance.

What do we do? Well, we’re a chaotic cabaret night with a science theme. We get 10 of the most interesting science-y people from your area together, then put them on stage one after another to entertain a lovely crowd with demonstrations, talking, jokes, music, video, dance… Whatever they like, really. In-between them all a weird man in glasses tells jokes about science.

Are you a science-y person? That’s fantastic news. We like all sorts, from scientists, to teachers, to journalists, to students, to artists, to poets, to singer-songwriters, and anyone else at all. We’d love to have you up on stage being brilliant about science. Are you up for that?

We’re coming to town on the evening of Saturday February 22nd to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, to do a special gig about Space as part of their Brecht Festival, Epic Encounters. If you’re based anywhere in the Midlands and have something to show off about any aspect of space do sign up. It’ll be amazing.

Where do you sign up to perform? Right here:

Now you must excuse me, I have to go and see what London wants. It’s being all loud and difficult over in the corner.

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